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Hi, everyone!

There is an interesting building I can see out the kitchen window of my apartment.

If you are not afraid of heights or an empty ghost building then apparently you can go here and pay the security guard to go inside and climb up right to the top.





It was to be called the Sathorn Unique Tower and was supposed to become Bangkok’s most posh and fantastic place to live in the 1990’s. It was started in 1990 but building stopped in about 1997 as the owners ran out of money when the stock market crashed around that time. It was supposed to consist of around 650 condos, more than 50 shops and have 50 floors, with of course swimming pools and other conveniences.



Now it is used by Apple to advertise their newest iPhones with about a 20-25 story billboard on one side.

There are many stories about this tower including ghost stories, people jumping off it, and even people having underground parties on the top floors.  Apparently there is a lot of cool graffiti art work to be seen as well as having an awesome view of the Chaopraya River which is the main river running through Bangkok.

This is one place I want to go explore one of these days. Would you?  When I do I will do another post on the interior and view from the top.



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  • This building looks safe though the construction is underway. And it is a clever idea to use it as an ad platform. I hope the developer will earn enough money to complete the work.

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