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A July Hello from Tara!


Traveling is my life. When I was 13 years old, I was sharing my dreams with my childhood best friend and wanted to go into international business so I could see the world.

As I got older, I felt more afraid of the real world and changed my mind. So, when I entered university the idea of leaving the safety of the US had left my dreams.

However, the heart knows early on what it wants and so the universe conspired to open my eyes to the larger world that existed and I went abroad on an exchange program. Despite not really enjoying the experience, I found that indeed I wanted to explore what else was out there.

Thus began my journeys.


Recently, I went on a trip with my mother to Mongolia. Most people were surprised when we shared our destination because it is not a popular or common tourist location. However, I have known people who went and enjoyed it. Also, it’s a fairly new open country ready to be seen before globalization and urban development fully set in.

So, we went for seven days to see what the country has to offer. It was an interesting time as most of the trip was spent traveling from point to point in a small airplane or van over bumpy roads.


Still, the untouched lands were beautiful with landscapes of green or pure blue waters. The capital city of Ulaanbaatar was as any developing city is expected to be – no traffic system, lots of construction, and sprawling in its layout. However, it carried its own charm and uniqueness.

While I am not certain if I would recommend it as a travel destination and certainly have no interest in returning anytime soon, I am still very glad that I went. Perhaps in another 20 years or so, I would like to go again to see how it has changed, but it wouldn’t be at the top of my list.

Mostly, I enjoyed spending time with my mother. But, also, I enjoyed seeing a different way of life, way of thinking and yet realizing that there are so many commonalities no matter the differences.

So, if one wants a unique and still fairly untouched by globalization experience, then I recommend giving it a try. If it’s not your thing, perhaps a short visit to the capital city during the festival season would give you a taste of all that is Mongolia.

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