Weddings around the world-結婚祝いには何を持っていく?

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I am currently at the age where I’m being invited to weddings and just in the past two weeks, I have been to two! One was in Melbourne where I’m living in and the other was in Singapore. So I would like to share a little about wedding customs in both of these countries which you may or may not already know.


When you are being invited to a wedding in Australia, you can either buy a gift or give a cash token to the couple.

You may be thinking “but I don’t know what the couple needs if I were to get them a gift”.

In Australia, there is this wedding wish list called the ‘gift registry’ which the couple would provide to their guests showing a list of items they need for their new home. So you can either pick an item from there or gift cash to be safe.

There is not a set amount that you have to give as it really depends on your relationship. Usually it would be around $100 per head and if you are closer to the couple, you may want to give more.



On the other hand, it is customary to gift cash at Singaporean (Chinese) weddings with the amount of money ending with an 8.

So for example, you may want to give $128 or $188 etc.

This is because the number 8 has the same pronunciation as the word “prosper” in the Chinese language.

It also depends on the location of the wedding. There are lists of hotel wedding banquet prices online so all you have to do is to put it into your search engine and you will find a whole list of prices. Some hotels or restaurants can be pricier than others, so that is where you have to adjust your cash gift accordingly.



Personally, I think giving cash at weddings is great because it helps the couple cover the costs of their wedding and it avoids the possibility of getting a different color or model of an item listed on the gift registry.

If you have attended weddings in other parts of the world, I would love to know what other customs there are in terms of wedding gift giving!


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