【Nic先生の英語ブログを読もう!】A New Style of New Year!

【Nic先生の英語ブログを読もう!】A New Style of New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! It’s the time of year when everyone is doing different things.


For most, January is a time for resolutions, changes, and getting a new start, as it were. Sure, it’s a great time for that, but I also think that puts a lot of pressure on yourself. In the end, there is no true significance of the New Year, is there? The true importance is a social construct, determined by society in many cases.

I don’t want to sound like an anti-establishment nut job either!


Instead, I just want to share my view of this time of year. For some, January is still a time for recovery. I know it’s that time for me! It’s still a bit early to start working hard and be productive. So, I like to take the entire month of January off, and not worry too much. I used to make resolutions and try and institute big changes in my life, exactly on January 1st.

But I had something happen to me in the middle of the year, many, many years ago.

I thought to myself,

         Why don’t I make a change right now?

And that’s exactly what I did!

While it seems like a smallest epiphany, when I adapted this idea to my entire life, I found it really made difference. No longer did I have to wait for specific occasions to do something. Just think of the last time you felt pressure. More often than not, I bet it was due to pressure that you felt from deadline, or finishing something by a certain time.


I thought the same thing about New Year’s resolutions. All of a sudden, January would roll around, and I would feel a bit of pressure to fix something, improve myself, or change something. But, why in January? Because it’s cold in the Northern Hemisphere? Because the Southern Hemisphere is having a lovely summer at this time of year and in its growing season? When put like that, I hope you understand where I’m coming from! The idea of a New Year’s resolution is great; reflecting on yourself and finding ways to improve or make yourself happier is great.


But, you have 365 days a year to do that! So, don’t feel pressure to finish it this January, or even February. Instead, when you notice something to improve, act on it, then and there! I know I’ll be doing some self-reflection, but not yet!

So, I’ll see you next month for my New Year’s resolutions, even though they’ll be coming in February. Bye for now, and enjoy the beginning of the year!


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