【Nic先生の英語ブログを読もう!】The trials and tribulations of parenting

It’s English, scratch that, gardening time! Well, actually, it’s a little bit of both! 


If you’ve been following along, you probably noticed my rather depressing photo of little Archie, my baby avocado. He was in the dark, and just at the beginning of life. 

※Nic先生の前回の記事「【Nic先生の英語ブログを読もう!】Homegrown goodness, or the beginnings at least!」を見逃した方はまずこちらからどうぞ!


As with most organisms, just after birth was not the most appealing time for little Archie! But, oh, how things have changed since then. 



The most remarkable part is that, even as the year winds down and we plod tirelessly towards shorter, darker days, and colder, colder nights, somehow, Archie doesn’t seem to mind. In fact, despite Archie’s sunny origins in Mexico (where the original avocado came from), he seems to be doing just fine this fall! If anything, he’s doing even better than before!

A few things should be noted. I used to leave little Archie in the kitchen, where he got very little direct sunlight. He did well enough, because it was plenty warm there in summer, but there was definitely little sun hitting the seed directly.

However, perhaps 2 months ago or so, Archie has been giving a place of honour at the front of the house, in front of our sprawling windows that look out onto the garden. 

In the picture, you can see this is where we have our ‘nursery’. And no, it’s not that kind of nursery, where you take your cute little children while you go to work. 

No, ours is a plant nursery, where we have all our little seedlings starting their lives, and trying to sprout beyond the sanctity of their seed-coat dormancy. We have a panoply, if not a cornucopia, of seeds on the go, from kiwis to dragon fruit, and cilantro to… Well, anything you can imagine, down to the more pedestrian tomatoes and pumpkins. 


Honestly, the scariest thing is HOW successful we’ve become, because neither I nor my partner Lisa have ever had so much responsibility. We’re planning to go to Okinawa in January to study Japanese, but now we’re facing the same conundrum as all parents. Whoever can we trust to take care of our precious baby while we’re gone?

We have a neighbour, whom we love dearly, but this is little Archie we’re talking about! His livelihood can’t be entrusted to just anyone, right? I’ve heard of cat sitters and dog sitters… Do they have plant sitters as well? If not, should I be starting my own company? Perhaps there’s a niche to be filled. Either way, I think I need to cut this short, because I hear little Archie crying out for something. He needs water! 

Hold on, daddy is coming, Archie!


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