【Nic先生の英語ブログを読もう!】It’s everyone’s favourite time of year! Taxes?!

【Nic先生の英語ブログを読もう!】It's everyone's favourite time of year! Taxes?!

Hello Internet!

Tax season!?とは?

It’s that time of year again! While some might call it obligatory, it’s no joke when I say it’s my favourite time of year. Those who know me can probably guess what I’m referring to. Please, say it with me together. It’s….

Tax season!

That’s right! It’s time to do our taxes! This has always been my favourite time of year. Families get together, put up their tax tree, and bake tax cookies, all while being cosy inside while the nights grow longer, the days become shorter, and the weather turns absolutely foul.

Wait, I think I made a mistake! Did I say ‘tax’ season! Of course, I’m referring to…


No one bakes ‘tax’ cookies or puts a ‘tax tree’ up in their house. However, I’m sure taxes do bring some families together!



All kidding aside, it’s Christmas, and this has always been my favourite time of year. I’ve been working at Fruitful English for a long, long time, and blogging for at least as long, so it’s hard to keep track of where I’ve been, writing wise. I hate to retread old words again, but there’s just one part of Christmas that I truly love.

Living away from my hometown of Vancouver, Christmas is the most important time to return home, and reunite with my family.

Our traditional Christmas feast of mashed potatoes, various German dishes like sauerkraut and spinach dip served in a whole sourdough bread loaf are also aspects to which I look forward all year, and the anticipation only builds once we hit this time of year, and the December countdown to Christmas really starts.



Yes, despite the plethora of indulgences, pleasures and delicacies that abound during this holiday season, there’s still one thing that draws me the most. In fact, even this year while living in Japan, which is having a hot beginning to winter thanks to climate change and the burning of fossil fuels, I still managed to partake in my favourite Christmas tradition.

Every December, I whip out my own Christmas decorations. But, they’re not physical decorations. No! My decorations full the ‘ether’ or ‘void’. If you haven’t guessed already, I’m talking about music!

That’s right, I decorate my house with Christmas music, and the tunes begin on December 1st. Stay tuned next time, and I’ll tell you what’s on my Christmas playlist. I’ll give you a hint: there’s only 1 artist, and the best songs are done with only 3 instruments!

Enjoy your holiday season, enjoy a fantastic New Year’s, and I’ll see you in 2023 for more studying and the answer to what’s on my favourite Christmas playlist.




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