【Nic先生の英語ブログを読もう!】2024 already? Where did the year go?

【Nic先生の英語ブログを読もう!】2024 already? Where did the year go?

Happy 2024 everyone!

Can you believe another year has already started! In fact, we’re already halfway through January.


Even more incredibly, I just went back through my history, and I started this little blog almost 5 years ago now! It was back in the middle of 2019 when I made my first post. That’s incredible, isn’t it?!

So, so much has happened since then. I started working with Fruitful English back in 2015, just correcting English part-time. At that time, I was working at an international school in Taiwan, of course, teaching English!

But, after a year in Taiwan, I realised that Japan was the country for me, so even though I did enjoy my job there, I decided to leave at the end of my contract, and pursue a life in Japan.


In my experience, I also learned that Japanese students are the most fun to teach! Don’t get me wrong: Taiwan and its people are some of the friendliest I’ve ever had the pleasure of interacting with. But, Japanese people are so earnest in their learning, and so modest.

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard some variation on the words ‘My English isn’t very good, so I want to improve’ from my students, but delivered with a perfect accent and impeccable grammar! I love this attitude and it mimics my own feelings of being humble and thankful for what you have.


So, I guess you could say that, now that it’s 2024, I’m exactly where I want to be!

I’ve got a ton of great things happening on Fruitful English, and a working visa for the best country in the world: Japan. So, I want to take this opportunity to look ahead to the future. I’m in a great position, so how could things get any better?

Well, first off, there’s that sticking point with living in a foreign country, permanently. For those of you with experience overseas, I’m sure you know how difficult it is to legally move to another country, and Japan is no exception. My working visa is a blessing, and when I first received it, 3 years sounded like a long time! But, I’ve since learned that 3 years can go by in the blink of an eye!

So, I’m working towards the goal of permanent residence, for both myself and my partner, so we can spend the rest of our lives in the best place in the world: Japan!


That’s already the end of this month, but I’ll be doing some more reflecting and pondering next month. Let me end by wishing you all a happy New Year’s, and truly, to all my students on Fruitful English, thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for studying with me.

From my humble beginnings teaching children to mountain bike in Canada, to my current position at Fruitful English, I truly have grown to love teaching, and students like you, reading this blog, make my job truly rewarding and fulfilling.

Thank you and here’s to another year of English fun !




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日本の小中学校で英語を教えるALT講師Nic先生は非常にユーモラスな先生です。台湾でも英語を教えていました。どこでも適応できるのがNic先生が自慢ができること。「肉先生」と読んで欲しいとたまに呼びかけられるかもしれません。こんなコミカルで愉快なNic先生から楽しく英語指導を受けませんか? 座右の名"The grand essentials to happiness in this life are something to do, something to love and something to hope for."