【Nic先生の英語ブログを読もう!】May May bring you a truly Golden Week! See the play on words?!

May May bring you a truly Golden Week! See the play on words?!

Hey there everyone!

It’s May, and I don’t need to tell you what that means.


Yes, ’tis the season for Golden Week! I’ve heard from a few students this year about Golden Week, and they were actually a bit disappointed. They said their Golden Week this year was more of a Copper Week, or even a Bronze Week! That is to say, it’s worth less than Silver Week, which is later in the year, if I’m not mistaken.

But, even if your Golden Week isn’t as golden as normal this year, I hope you’re finding something fun to do.


I wanted to chat just a little bit about pressure this time. I live with my partner, and she’s definitely one of those people that puts a bit too much pressure on herself to ‘be productive’, or ‘be the best’.

I’m not sure where this social pressure comes from exactly, but I’m sure it has its roots in a few areas. First, there are certain pressures on women that are undeniably stronger than on men, like the pressure to ‘look good’ and be attractive.


Hence, my partner always struggles with what she eats, despite being perfectly healthy. She feels pressure to eat certain things, and avoid unhealthy, but certainly delicious things. In addition, when she does indulge in something regarded as ‘unhealthy’, she of course feels guilty about it, and can’t truly enjoy it.

Secondly, she always feels the pressure to be productive. We’re both studying Japanese and working online, and she feels that, if she doesn’t do it every day, she’s somehow ‘failure’, or that day was ‘unproductive’. I definitely know how she feels, and she’s far from alone.


I think we’re always told that ‘working is the most important thing’. I certainly learned it from my dad, though not so much my mom. He’s recently retired, and since then, he’s started taking naps in the afternoon. He said it’s probably the first time in his life, since he always viewed sleeping during the day as ‘a waste of time’. However, I’ve seen firsthand that simply ‘being at work’ or ‘seeming to work’ is not the best way.

When I worked at junior high school in Japan, I saw teachers sleeping all the time at school, because they were overworked. This was deemed as normal and acceptable! However, clearly, the root problem was that teachers had too much to do, and didn’t have enough time to rest. They were forced to rest at school.


So, what does this have to do with Golden Week? Don’t work too hard, and don’t feel too much pressure to do so!

Of course, it’s a great time to study during your time off, but also set aside some time for you. It will make your studying more efficient!

Take care and enjoy the holidays!




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