Happy New Year From Thailand!

Happy New Year From Thailand!

Hi everyone. Sawasdee pee mai kup! (Happy New year!)


Usually at this time of year the whole of Thailand is a mass party of wild water wars and splashing, big cultural events and mass public migration for the internationally renowned Songkran holidays (Here is the article about Songkran →https://www.fruitfulenglish.com/blog2/rodd-1/ ), however, the kingdom is now in lockdown, with a curfew everyday and even bans on purchasing alcoholic beverages.

From Phuket, to Pattaya, to Bangkok, to Chiang Mai – people are stuck at home and if they are out, the normally mischievous population of Thais and foreigners are mostly behaving themselves.



This year the rules for the coronavirus pandemic are in full effect. There is anti-Songkran signage in several languages: “Please refrain” it says politely in English.

Local police and others in uniform are out and about, advising any groups of people to get moving on and are even issuing 2,000 baht fines for anyone splashing water.

Instead of getting drenched the moment you step outside – even if you are on your way to the supermarket, this year instead of a water gun in your face, you get a temperature gun instead, your temperature taken at least three times on the way there and then one the way back again, alcohol put on your hands at least four times and everyone is masked up like some kind of ninja.

Strange times indeed.



Everyone is missing Songkran, but everyone is fighting the virus together, and it is working! The infection rates have dropped big time, and the government has promised that Songkran will happen as soon as it is clear later this year.  We are all waiting for that day… Stay safe everyone and Happy Songkran to you all from the land of smiles!


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