Songkran – Happy New Year(again) Are you ready to get wet?!〜タイの旧正月は水掛け祭り!?

Hi guys, it’s Rodd here.

Since my favourite time of year has come, this time I thought I would give you a few synonyms for getting wet.


A synonym is of course a word that has a similar meaning to another word, and the phrase “very wet” has quite a few synonyms, I have highlighted them in bold type below for you, so let’s go!



From April 12th(New Year’s Eve), it will be the Thai new year over here in Thailand.

It is most famous for its huge water fights which go for days on end.  It is the hottest time of year now and as I write this, I am sitting in 37 degrees of heat, so the thought of getting soaked is most welcome right about now.

Normally I head into town and arm myself with the biggest water gun I can find.  I team up with friends and some beers and walk around the streets drowning absolutely everyone within range.

Scenes like the one below are not uncommon and as you can see everyone is getting absolutely sopping!


There are special cases you can put around your neck for your phone and money so they don’t get sodden as well. Convenience store floors are water logged as are any bars you sit in.

Even for the police there is no mercy as you can see in this photo… as you can see he is drenched just as much as everyone else.



The origins of this one week of fun and getting absolutely soused and wringing wet can be found in the meaning of New Year and gently washing away your previous years sins or bad luck as in the picture below…

It has morphed into a countrywide celebration of people getting saturated and doused. 

Basically it is the best fun I have ever had, and the best way I can explain it is like being a five year old again(a slightly tipsy five year old), armed with a very big water gun and some buckets. Everyone is laughing and with huge silly smiles on their faces.

A very happy time indeed – I can’t wait!


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