Raindrops of Summer

Hi there, Tara here to talk about the weather!

The summer equinox has just passed where the daylight and dark night are of equal time. Now, the days will slowly start to get shorter until the winter equinox.

It’s been a strangely cool adjustment to summer so far, though I anticipate the heat and humidity coming soon to the Tokyo days.

Whenever I tell people that I lived in the UAE for nearly nine years, people exclaim that I must find the summers in Japan to be so much easier in comparison. Unfortunately, just the opposite is true.

You see, in the UAE, no one spends much time outside. We move from an air-conditioned house or office building to an air-conditioned car to an air-conditioned store or mall. The only time that we have to endure the heat is either the short walk from the parking lot/garage to the building or the time that it takes for the A/C to kick in. Otherwise, it is by choice that I faced the hot temperatures, but next to a cool pool.

Therefore, dealing with the heat and humidity of Tokyo is very challenging. The walk to the station from my home is short, but dreaded. The short walk from the station to my office is an expected steam sauna, but not desired when I have to look presentable.

In addition to the management of sweat, I have recently developed some kind of skin irritation from the heat and humidity.

Escaping from my home state of Oregon, where the part I’m from sees nine months of precipitation, I prefer less wet climates. However, the raindrops of summers in Tokyo are a questionable trade-off. ;P

Therefore, I am daily writing my gratitude for the delay in the typical summer weather! I hope everyone else is staying cool and dry too!

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