【Rodd先生の英語ブログを読もう!】Our not so slight brush with COVID

【Rodd先生の英語ブログを読もう!】Our not so slight brush with COVID

Hi everyone,

I am glad to be here and writing this to you today, although I am afraid it is not such a happy subject. I am writing this though so those of you out there know that COVID is real and it is very very serious, and also so you know what to look out for symptom wise.


On about January 3 both me and my girlfriend got infected with the coronavirus. We are not sure which variant, and the PCR tests cannot and did not tell us.  This is because they actually have to go and do DNA sequencing to know that, which takes up time, money and resources.

What I can tell you though is the symptoms were severe, and they all seemed like Delta, but the speed of which we got infected was less than 24 hours which possibly means Omicron.  Let me unpack that a bit for you so you can know just in case in the future. Also let me just state for the record we were all properly vaccinated.  Vaccines will not stop the virus, they will help stop you from going into the ICU or worse though, but not always.



Within about 16 hours of exposure both me and my girlfriend started feeling “off” (which means not quite normal).  Within  few more hours scratchy throats and a small cough developed… nothing major just a cough every now and again.

About 12 hours after that, that is when it hit, and it hit so hard you wouldn’t believe it. Fatigue like nothing else ever in my life.  To even type a few things required a massive effort because even my fingers were tired.

Both of us could actually feel the virus trying to find a weakness or a way out.  It honestly felt like a caged animal pacing up and down looking for an exit.  It was so aggressive.  We spent days and days almost comatose.  We would wake up and eat (for some reason we were always hungry – maybe because the energy our bodies were consuming to fight the thing), then sleep for 16 hours.



I would wake and do what I could to keep up with work (I work from home thankfully), but I had enough power for about an hour then unconscious again. Another symptom was sweats, no fever, just freezing cold sweats.  Some days I would go through four liters of water because the sweats were so strong. We lost our sense of taste and smell for about three days during that time.

After 12 days or so of fatigue and no energy, our power started returning.

Today I sit here typing this, and I am completely back to my old self almost.  One thing that still bothers us is sleeping and eating patterns.  They have changed a lot, but are slowly coming back to normal.


Anyway, sorry for the long post, but everyone please be careful out there.

Remember vaccines cannot stop it, only help you pull through safer and quicker, which is very important.  An unvaccinated friend of mine was in the ICU for 10 days and then general hospital for 14 more. Look out for scratchy throat, small cough, cold sweats, and fatigue.

Everyone please stay safe and just let me say I am glad to be able to see you all out there on Fruitful once more.





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