Midlife Crisis or Time for a Change?-人生の道を考えてみませんか?

Midlife Crisis or Time for a Change?-人生の道を考えてみませんか?


Month 2 in 2020 is here with some contemplation on the passage of time by Tara. ;D


When I was eight years old, I wanted to be a writer. However, my parents thought I had a better future in which I could make more money, so they pushed me in other directions. My dreams wavered between medicine, law, international business, etc. Still, my heart kept going back to writing.

Once I finished university, I came to Japan as an assistant English teacher and I had no idea then that my life would forever be altered by this. While I rather hated being an AET, I moved on to realize that I did like teaching. Thus began my career in the field of TESOL.

My career flourished and my love of travel was supported by this profession thanks to long summers and academic holidays. However, I felt stagnant in my professional growth. So, despite moving in a promising direction, I decided to quit everything and pursue my yoga teaching certification.

It felt great to move my body and to help people in a physical way rather than a mental one. Still, this did not make much money initially. Just as I was starting to build up a clientele, we moved. The life of an expat faces these kinds of challenges.


So, for the past few years now, I have been struggling to find a new path. I am still young enough that I could do anything, even though I am not eager to go back to school to study again. Yet, when I try to look at different options, I find that all I want to do is work from home. I want to write – that’s it.

However, because I have not built up a career in writing, it is difficult to start off making money. Therefore, I need something on the side that allows me the freedom to write, but also provides an income of some kind. Consequently, these days I am spending a lot of time searching for that perfect balance to allow me to pursue my dream of writing full-time, but also be able to live the life of luxury that I have become accustomed to over the years. 😛

My husband thinks I’m having a bit of a midlife crisis. I suppose this is true in some ways since I’m nearing middle age and it’s hard to change paths when I have to compete with younger people. Still, I do believe there is something out there that will suit me and check all the boxes of my ideal work-life balance. Fingers crossed that I figure it out somewhat soon!


stagnantThis is when something doesn’t move. For example, water in a puddle is considered “stagnant”.

e.g. Mosquitoes love to reproduce in stagnant water.

clientele – We refer to the entirety of the group of clients or customers as “clientele”.

e.g. The new restaurant quickly developed a loyal clientele that gave them immediate profits.

midlife crisis – Occuring around the ages of 45-55, people begin to desire a transition or change to their identity that affects their self-confidence.

e.g. Stereotpyically, when men have a midlife crisis they get a new sports car or a younger woman.


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