【Priya先生の英語ブログを読もう!】Tintin the Reporter

【Priya先生の英語ブログを読もう!】Tintin the Reporter

Hi everyone!

Today I’d like to talk about Tintin, one of my favorite comic book characters from Belgium. I believe Tintin is known as ‘TanTan’ in Japanese. I’ve grown up reading Tintin and recently, I’ve been re-reading them again and find it utterly enjoyable and entertaining.



Tintin is a reporter from Belgium. He always has his loyal dog, Snowy, by his side. He goes on adventures around the world and fights corruption and despotism in many countries. He is brave, intelligent and kind. He is compassionate towards people around him and always speaks up for the weak. These qualities make Tintin a thoroughly likeable person.



Tintin was created by Herge, a Belgian artist. Herge began writing the comic in French in January 1929 which appeared in the weekly children’s supplement of a Belgian newspaper called ‘Le Vingiteme Siecle’. Due to the increasing popularity of the comic, it was decided to publish it in book form. The comic soon took off and became so famous that it was eventually translated into numerous languages and was enjoyed by children and adults alike.



Tintin is surrounded by several friends throughout the series. His best friend is Captain Haddock (Capitaine Haddock in French), a mariner who enjoys drinking and is a comical character in the book. Then there is the eccentric scientist, Professor Cuthbert Calculus (Tryphon Tournesol in French) , who comes up with the technology and the rocket that takes Tintin to the moon. Of course one cannot forget the detectives Thompson and Thomson (Dupond and Dupont in French) who bungle up every case they are entrusted with.

The Tintin volume that I enjoy the most is the one where Herge depicts Tintin and his friends going to the moon. The beautiful red rocket and the fantastic technology that Professor Calculus comes up with resonated with countless readers around the world and this remains one of Herge’s most beloved works.

One endearing character trait of Tintin is that he is a global citizen. He is at home in countless countries and is alway seen mixing in with the natives of the country he lands up in. He is culturally savvy and is able to speak several languages.



Tintin is extremely popular in India. Countless children grow up reading the comic and it holds a special place in their hearts.  In 2011, a Tintin movie directed by Steven Spielberg was released. I watched it and found it quite enjoyable.

A museum dedicated to Tintin opened several years ago in Belgium. It is a beautiful museum dedicated to exploring the life and works of Herge. One of my goals is to visit the museum sometime in the future. It will indeed be a dream come true!

Recently, a Tintin color drawing sold for $3.8 million dollars at an auction in Paris. It shows that many people are willing to pay a huge sum to collect Tintin items and memorabilia.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article about Tintin. One of my joys in life is to sit down with a Tintin book and devour the fascinating contents. I never get tired of reading Herge’s works and am a lifetime fan of him!


今日の英単語 ’reporter’

So what is the word I’d like you to remember today? It is ‘reporter’. A reporter is a type of journalist who conducts research, writes and reports information. Let’s use this word in some sentences:

– I want to be a reporter in the future.

-Tintin is an intrepid reporter.

-Being a reporter can be a dangerous job.


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