【Nic先生の英語ブログを読もう!】Having visitors is fun but stressful! What do you do?!

Hey there everyone on the internet!

It’s a lovely day here in Japan, and I’ve got some exciting news and a question for you.


I’m about to experience something that I’m sure many of you have experienced before: my family is coming to visit me.

Of course, I’m excited to take them to all my favourite spots around my house, and show them a good time, as we say.

Hey, let’s look at show someone a good time as an English phrase. To show someone a good time means to be a ‘tour guide’ for someone, and to help someone have a good experience somewhere. For example,

I visited my friend in Osaka, and they showed me a good time, taking me to a 串カツ restaurant!


So, of course, I want to show my family a good time when they visit. I’ve already arranged a rental car for them, since my car is a little 軽自動車, or ‘baby’ car as I like to call it!

We’ve also made reservations for a few restaurants, and more importantly, I’ve booked a trip to Yakushima as well!

I can’t wait to show my family the beauty of the island. They’re from Canada, so they’re used to beautiful natural scenery, but Yakushima is still worth a trip for them! We can’t wait to hang out with the Yakushima monkeys and deer!



But, here’s my question for you: what do you do when someone comes and visits you?

In particular, if your visitors are from a different country, or area, what do you do? It’s very different from hosting ‘local’ friends, right? It really all depends who is visiting.

For my visit, my family has all been to Japan before. This will be their second visit, so I want to show them something ‘different’. They’ve visited the main spots, and seen enough of Tokyo!

So, do you have any suggestions?

In addition, when you visited people in other prefectures or countries, how did they ‘show you around’? What were some of the highlights.

For example, did they show you something that made you think, ‘Wow! Without them, I never would have seen this!’ I want to hear about those kinds of experiences.



I’m running out of time, but take a look at this lovely picture of Yakushima! Remember that my Yakushima Boot Camp is coming up.

So, you can give me your answers in person! You can explore an amazing part of Japan, and learn English at the same time. You probably haven’t travelled for a long time (this trip for my family is the first-time leaving Canada in 3 years!), so why not make your first trip amazing: a learning AND studying opportunity!

You can deduct it from your taxes ;).



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