Happy Summer Vibes

A warm August greeting to you from Tara!

During the summer days, I hear many people complaining “atsui desu ne” as a kind of greeting to one another. Furthermore, recently, the news in both English and Japanese continue to report about lives taken by the heat promoting the mentality that it is hot.

While we cannot deny that the temperatures are high, they are not THAT high compared to desert countries. Most assuredly, they are not death-inducing highs.

The more accurate complaint really should be “mushi-atsui desu ne” or “It’s really humid, huh?”. This is the challenge in the summer climate (at least in Tokyo).

For me, the temperatures are not all that hot. As long as there is a nice breeze blowing, I feel as if the temperature is bearable. After all, the traditional Japanese homes were built to survive summer thanks to the breeze that can blow through the homes.

However, the humidity is most definitely a killer. Instant sweat drops forming as soon as I open my door makes me want to turn around and stay indoors. Unfortunately, life doesn’t allow for this.

Therefore, how can we survive? Well, I believe that 85% of surviving is attitude. Leaving 15% to other factors like AC, clothing, etc.

When we are constantly saying and hearing that it’s hot with a complaint or report that suggests death is a possibility, then of course the mind is geared toward thinking negatively about the heat.

But, what if, we focused on the positives and happy aspects of what summer brings?

These are some pictures of what makes me smile in the summer days as I walk home in the heat. I forget all about the humidity when I watch the ducklings grow, see wildlife basking in the breeze, or the bursts of color in the dark summer sky.

Truly, there is much to enjoy during the warmer season. Even this video expresses the heart of summer vibes!

So, the next time that you feel like the heat and/or humidity is getting you down, I challenge you to find something to smile about and enjoy that is only possible during this season.

Happy Summer Days to you!

**Key phrases: lives taken by; Most assuredly; [x] is most definitely a killer; geared toward thinking**


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