英語で海外の犯罪ドラマを楽しもう!TV and more TV!

英語で海外の犯罪ドラマを楽しもう!TV and more TV!

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen of the Fruitful Community,

This is Tara ready to present you with some of the shows that have been helping me pass the time while I work from home or maintain social distance by not going out at all. 🙂

As some of you may know, I am a true crime junkie. This means that I basically watch everything that is related to true stories about crimes that have happened many years ago or the near past. I also enjoy fictional crime stories. In other words, I just like crime!

Why?! I am fascinated by the human mind. I love psychology and love to contemplate the thought processes or factors in someone’s life that may have led them to decide that it is reasonable to take another life. There are crimes of passion; crimes of opportunity; crimes of circumstance, etc. The most curious are those done by serials or repeat offenders.

While there are a number of fascinating true crime documentaries online, I’d like to introduce just a few TV shows (mostly fictional) that I recommend if you like this type of entertainment, but aren’t so ready for the less dramatized versions.


*Unsolved Mysteries
A number of true murders or disappearances are shared through interviews with journalists, family members, and investigators. The hope is that the general public might be able to help solve these mysteries thanks to the dominant role of social media these days.

*The Sinner (3 Seasons)
The first season is the best of the three, but Season 3 just came out on Netflix Japan. Detective Harry Ambrose, played by Bill Pullman, is the main character in all three seasons. He has unique methods for investigating crimes where the accused may have been guilty, but the story of why is important.

*Giri / Haji
This is an amazing series that is based in Tokyo and London with a Sin City style of storytelling. As a foreigner, the inclusion of the yakuza and mix of English culture into the storyline is very engaging.


*DCI Banks
This series is based on Peter Robinson‘s novels and produced on a British television. There are five series(seasons) that follow investigations by Detective Chief Inspector Alan Banks in two parts per storyline.

This is another series that is based on a set of novels by Michael Connelly that follows Detective Harry Bosch as he investigates different crimes. There are currently six seasons with a final seventh season coming sometime later this year.

These are just a few that I recommend and have watched lately. There are a ton more, so feel free to comment or connect with me on Fruitful to find out what they are! Happy TV watching and hope to talk to you soon. 😀




This refers to someone who has an addiction or habit. It often is used to describe drug addicts, but can apply to any topic.

e.g. My husband is such a sugar junkie that I refuse to keep any sweets in the house.

crimes of passion / opportunity / circumstance

This refers to the top three types of crimes that often happen: passion – committed out of a strong emotion, usually anger; opportunity – committed because one wanted to commit a crime and the chance to do so came up by the ideal victim walking by, for example; circumstance – committed because one was the victim a different crime and the need for revenge against the criminal is stronger than rational logic.

e.g. *She loved him so much that she couldn’t stand the idea that he could be with someone else, so she killed him in a crime of passion.
*He just had this feeling that he needed to kill something, so when the kitten walked in front of him he decided it was right for a crime of opportunity.
*The court was light on his sentence because he had acted out as a crime of circumstance against his abusive father.

less dramatized

This is refers to something that is true or not changed for dramatic/emotional effect as many tv series or movies tend to do with stories about life.

e.g. One reason that I liked the documentary is because it was less dramatized than the “made for movie” version. 






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