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This small shop on the corner with a blue tarpaulin above the door in a wet market street near the river on Soi 61 Charoengrung road, in Sathorn, Bangkok, has the best khaomangai (chicken rice) in Thailand I have come across so far.



Basically this dish was bought into Thailand by Chinese immigrants over 100 years ago, and is known as Hainan chicken rice.
The Thais took it and made it their own by tweaking the way the chicken and rice are cooked and boosting flavor with sauce and spices, and this is now known as khaomangai (literally translated means chicken and rice).


This particular shop is very popular and is usually sold out by 11:00 am everyday as many people eat this for breakfast.
The chicken is always very soft and the rice which is cooked with the juices from the chicken is also soft, delicious with a really nice aroma.
The sauce is made from a light soy sauce, containing ginger, a small amount of Thai chilli – just enough to give it a little zing, but not too spicy, and some other spices. This matches very well with the soft and oily rice and delectable pieces of chicken.

The dish also comes with a piece or two of Foie gras, sliced cucumber and chicken stock soup made from boiling the left over carcass of the chicken, this also contains daikon, a bit of white pepper, and small bits of chicken meat. It refreshes your palate as you eat the chicken and rice and is also very delicious and nourishing.
It is very filling and satisfying and all for about 120 yen!

If you ever find yourself by the Chaophraya river in Sathorn, Bangkok, make sure you find this shop and order a plate or take some out to eat in your room.

You won’t regret it!




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