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Did you know that yoga dates back to 2700 BC?

It is truly an ancient practice. Practising yoga leads to the harmony of individual consciousness with universal consciousness. We can achieve a perfect harmony between the mind and the body.

A person who is able to experience this existence is said to be in yoga and is known as a ‘yogi’. ‘Yogi’ refers to those who have reached a level of freedom known as ‘nirvana’, ‘mukti’ or ‘moksha’. The purpose of yoga is to attain self-realization. At this level, it is possible to be victorious over all types of sufferings. The chief aims of yoga practice are living life with freedom and happiness.

The term ‘yoga’ is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘yuj’ which means ‘union’. This union that we are talking about is the union of universal consciousness and individual consciousness. It is not just a type of bodily exercise, it is wisdom for a peaceful and healthy manner of living. This manner of living ideally leads to union with our inner self.



Did you know that yoga has a lot of benefits?

It assists in releasing bodily toxins.

It improves muscle flexibility

It regulates bodily postures

It regulates endocrine, digestive and circulatory functions.

It assists in shedding weight, cardiac problems, diabetes and numerous other chronic diseases.

Yoga is for you if you are searching for a stronger and more flexible body and a pure and happy heart and mind. It’s a fantastic form of exercise which will drastically raise your fitness level and will be instrumental in strengthening your mental well being.

These days, countless people around the world have immensely benefitted by practicing yoga. It is growing more and more popular with each passing year. It is a great way to release stress and enjoy life in a happy and productive manner! What are you waiting for? How about jumping into this adventure called yoga?


‘harmony’ を使った英語表現を覚えよう!

So what is the word I would like you to remember for today? It is ‘harmony’. Here are some sentences where you can use the word ‘harmony’.

-My body is in harmony with my mind.

-They are a couple who live in absolute harmony.

-We should try to achieve a harmonious world.

-Please stop fighting with your colleagues and try to achieve a harmonious atmosphere at work.

-Harmony is important for a peaceful life.

-Her family lives in complete disharmony.

-I understood the importance of harmony when I saw how happy they were.


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  • I love yoga. I have some shoulder pain from sitting at my computer all day. Yoga helps release this shoulder pain.

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