【Nic先生の英語ブログを読もう!】Moving is a time for minimalism

【Nic先生の英語ブログを読もう!】Moving is a time for minimalism

Greetings and salutations everyone!

どんな挨拶?‘Greetings and salutations’

Are you familiar with this old-fashioned phrase?

‘Salutations’, especially used in this phrasing of “Greetings and salutations~’ is a very formal way of introducing yourself. It’s not that commonly used these days, except in 2 situations.

Mostly, it’s used as a joke. If you hear someone (like me!) use this to begin their address, it usually means they’re going to talk about a casual topic, which isn’t serious. However, in formal situations, it can be used ‘seriously’ too! If someone begins their academic presentation with ‘Greetings and salutations’, it’s not a joke!

I had to move!

Anyway, let’s get on with today’s blog. I recently went through something I’m sure you’ve all been through before as well: I had to move!

Starting November 1st, I’m in a new house, or at least, a house that’s new to me. It’s far from new! In fact, talking to the house owner, it sounds it was built a good 60 years ago, or more!

Unfortunately, it’s has been sitting empty for quite a long time as well, so there are lots of things to fix up before it truly feels like home. Every day sees us making a little bit of progress, and as always, it’s a gradual process.

Before moving though, I made sure to make the most of the event. Personally, moving is a great way to reassess your possessions, and reconsider what’s truly valuable.


 I’ve always been somewhat of a ‘minimalist’. Are you familiar with this phrase? I’m sure you know the adjective ‘minimal’, or the closely related noun ‘minimum’.

Well, a ‘minimalist’, when applied to a person, describes someone who wants to live with a minimum of possessions. There are lots of different levels and definitions of a ‘minimalist’, so I’ll offer my own interpretation.

Personally, I try and only buy what I really need and want. A good example that you can relate to is 100-yen stores in Japan.

They’re the antithesis of minimalists!

They’re filled with things that, while serving a single purpose or making your life slightly more convenient, they aren’t truly necessary. Conversely, I personally never truly ‘want’ something from a 100-yen store. They’re not something that you desire.

I’m already out of time for this month’s blog, but minimalism and living simply for the environment are a few of my passions, so don’t worry. I’ll pick this topic up again next month. That is, if I’m not too busy writing about Christmas!

Take care, and see you on Fruitful English!




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