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When traveling, it would be great for you to know some English words that are often used while traveling overseas. Here are some words that I think you should know when going abroad on a trip.



Destination: This is the place where you reach and where you will be spending your holiday.

For example:

“It took me three hours to get to my destination”

“I can’t wait to get to my holiday destination” 


Sightseeing: This refers to going to different places of interest at your destination.

For example:

“I will go sightseeing around London today” 

“I enjoyed sightseeing throughout Europe”


Hotel: This is the place where you will be staying at for the duration of your trip.

For example:

“I booked a five-star hotel in Paris” 

“The hotel where I stayed at was dirty and unhygienic”.


Journey – This is the process of going from one place to another.

For example:

“My journey to Rome was filled with exciting events” 

“I am looking forward to journeying throughout Europe by train”


Luggage: These are the bags or suitcases in which you pack your things to use while traveling.

For example:

“It took me a couple of hours to pack my luggage” 

“Half of my luggage got lost at the airport”


Passenger: This refers to the traveler in a bus/train/flight going from one place to another.

For example:

“There were many noisy passengers on the flight” 

“I spoke to the passenger sitting next to me”


Tour: A journey undertaken for business, leisure or education.

For example:

“I will go on a tour of Europe this summer” 

“I enjoy touring rural villages in my country”


Tourism: This refers to the industry related to trips and journeys to different destinations.

For example:

“I work in the tourism industry” 

“This country’s economy is heavily dependant on tourism”.


Tourist: This refers to an individual who is traveling to a place for pleasure.

For example:

“I saw many tourists in Akihabara” 

“The bus was carrying tourists from Osaka to Tokyo”


Travel agent: This is the person whose duty it is to organize travel for clients.

For example:

  “The travel agent sent me a copy of the tickets online”

“He has been working as a travel agent for the past one decade”.


Vacation: This is a fixed holiday period in between academic terms.

For example:

“I am looking forward to my summer vacation”

“My vacation to South America was wonderful”


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