Learn English in the 80s with Stranger Things and Freaks and Geeks

Learn English in the 80s with Stranger Things and Freaks and Geeks


Do you watch Netflix?!

Have you ever seen Stranger Things?

Do you like the 80s?

Do you like learning English and watching a great TV show at the same time?

Well, if said yes to any of these questions, then keep on reading!

Lately, the show Stranger Things has been making waves on Netflix. It’s become super popular, and there are even bars themed around the show popping up around the world. We even had one in Vancouver before it was quickly shut down!


To make a long story short, Stranger Things is a hit, and a big part of the show’s popularity seems to stem from the time period that it takes place: the 80s!

Well, if you enjoy the depiction of the 80s in Stranger Things, I have a great recommendation for your next must-watch show: Freaks and Geeks!

It also takes place in the 80s, and not only that, it has an amazing cast of characters. It’s full of popular actors that were just starting out during the filming. Think James Franco and Seth Rogen, and tons more!


The show takes place in a high school during the 80s. So, it’s a great way to get exposed to a variety of great music from the period. Some of the students listen to classic 80s pop like A Flock of Seagulls. The main character, however, falls in with a group of misfits, who tend to listen to heavier music. In fact, there’s a character with the same name as me, and he likes one of my favourite bands as well: Led Zeppelin!

I promise you’ll have tons of fun watching the show, and get super connected with the characters. And, since they are all kids, similar to the young characters in Stranger Things, the English is relatively easy to follow!

Also, it also gives the show an innocent quality. The kids deal with simple situations, but of course, ones that we can all relate to. We all went through hardships when we were in high school: trying to fit in, trying to find our direction in life, etc. The characters in Freaks and Geeks go through the same thing. It is incredibly endearing, and I’m sure it will warm your heart, like me!

Take a dive in, and I’m sure you’ll love Freaks and Geeks! Then, get in contact and we can talk all about Lindsey, Sam, and my favourite character Bill!

Here’s the trailer:

Enjoy and let me know your thoughts!


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