Listening to music (streaming or physical media)

Hi Matt here.

Who here loves listening to music? I really enjoy listening to rock, heavy metal, punk, pop, jazz… you name it, i like it!

I have 2 main ways of listening to music. One is really old-school, and the other is very modern; vinyl records and Spotify, respectively.

I’ll start by writing about Spotify.

I really like the fact that I can listen to an endless variety of music and that it’s really convenient. It’s so fun to just be able to listen to anything. However, the convenience comes at a price: it feels a bit like background music. I always find that I listen to Spotify while I do other tasks. I rarely listen to it just for the sake of listening.

On the other hand, vinyl records are extremely inconvenient, haha!

They are difficult to store, they take lots of effort to maintain, and they also require turning over halfway through. However, I really love the effort, because it means that I focus more on the music.

Usually when I put on a vinyl record, I will just sit and listen to the music with no distractions.


How do you guys like to listen to music?

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