Valentine’s Dayは目の前!オーストラリアではどう過ごす?

Valentine's Dayは目の前!オーストラリアではどう過ごす?

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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it is not surprising to find flowers and chocolates being promoted everywhere you go, be it at the supermarkets or even just at your local milkbar.

Although it is being celebrated here in Australia, it is not as big of an event as Christmas or Easter. Speaking of Easter, having hot cross buns during Easter is a tradition in most families and despite it being two months away, supermarkets and bakeries are already excited and having them up for sale!



Going back to the topic of Valentine’s Day, I actually realised a huge difference of how it is  celebrated in most Western countries than in Japan.

From my understanding, in Japan, Valentine’s Day is where women give gifts to men who do not necessarily have to be their boyfriends or husbands. They could be to a fellow colleague or friend.

That was something I found really fascinating but have definitely warmed up to!

In Australia though, it is the women who get showered with gifts on Valentine’s Day and it is only celebrated by couples, so you would not find men giving gifts to female friends or colleagues.

It would probably look like they are having an affair if they did!



These days, Valentine’s Day celebrations have definitely toned down a lot more to make this day a day for all to look forward to, even those who are single or not romantically interested in anyone. There is a popular term called “Galentine’s Day” to allow ladies who are single to dress up nicely and go out with their friends.


Even though I have a partner, we do not celebrate Valentine’s Day at all.

We might have an extra dish on the table for dinner or maybe a glass of wine, but that is probably all that we do. Valentine’s Day is definitely very commercialised now, and we feel like it does not represent us or a day worth remembering like our anniversary.

It is amazing how differently Valentine’s Day is celebrated across the world and even between couples. Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

If so, how do you celebrate it?


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