The Celebration of Beltane Festival!

Hi everyone, Freya here!

I am very excited to be writing a new style blog “Life in English”. I thought I would write about something I went to at the beginning of the month-a Beltane Festival!

A Brief History of Beltane

Usually is at the beginning of May, it is one of the eight celebrations of seasons celebrated by modern day celebrated by modern day of the world. This simply referes to people Some people believe that by marking this traditions from nature. It is usually accompanied by music, dancing, eating LOTS of food, and lighting fires.

An Outing I Wouldn’t Forget!


Everyone was dressed in robes and flowers; My friend works at a farm where they celebrate Beltane and she invited me to attend and take in all the excitement! You could make flower crowns and have Celtic signs painted on your face; you were transported out of our modern day world into a time of simplicity and nature.

Everybody was encouraged to write a wish and attach it to him and then the sun set, he was lit.

The main event though: The Giant Wickerman! Celtic style drummers came forward and played music that made you feel you were in a different time.

The Wicker Man before he was set alight!

You couldn’t look away .; everyone was hoping their wish would be granted.

The Wicker Man setting on fire

What I loved about this festival was that in the busy world.

Something that brings people together in a positive, uplifting way.

Let’s hope we have a great summer this year!


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