【Nic先生の英語ブログを読もう!】Merry Christmas Blogosphere!

【Nic先生の英語ブログを読もう!】Merry Christmas Blogosphere!

Season’s greetings everyone!

Thanks for tuning into our little blog here on Fruitful English. It’s nice to have a more casual outlet to get in touch with students and other dedicate English fans. I’ve always been a passionate writer, if not too much so! I know that I can sometimes be a bit too verbose, but I just can’t help it when it comes to English. Language has given me so much in my life, so I can’t hold back when writing. My enthusiasm just seems to get the best of me.

With that all out of the way, I hope you’ll forgive me if I get a bit too carried away this time and write too much! After all, it’s Christmas, which is hands down, by far, no contest, my absolute favourite time of year! It’s funny though, as I’ve grown older, how my view of Christmas has changed.


I’ll admit, unabashedly, that my fondest memories of Christmas as a child are of waking up early on Christmas morning, well before my parents. I usually woke up earlier than my younger sister. Then, I would sneak into the living room, where our tree was decorated. I can still remember to this day the feeling of excitement on seeing all the freshly wrapped packages under the tree. Back then, I had no idea that my parents would stay up late, after my sister and I had gone to bed. Then, once we were awake, they would secretly place presents that they had wrapped ahead of time and been hiding around the house, or they would freshly wrap some that very night, in time for the coming morning.

My sister and I would always make lists, and we would be very, very careful what to put on it. We wouldn’t want to be disappointed, and we wouldn’t want to be greedy either. In fact, I would often only have a couple wishes for Christmas, but my parents would invariably find some other toys to place under the tree to spoil me with. I love them dearly.

It’s been a while since I’ve been excited about presents. Nowadays, I never make a list or consider presents. Instead, with my sister and I living away from home, Christmas is a time for reunification, and getting the whole family together again.


So, how do you celebrate Christmas?

I won’t be joining my family in Vancouver this year, but I will be spending it with my significant other’s family, which is almost as good. Who knows, perhaps next year, once all this COVID business is behind us, we will all be one big happy family. Until then, I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and a pre-emptive happy New Year’s too! I’ll see you all in 2022, if I don’t see you before then!




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