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Learn an English phrase to celebrate diversity (and save Japan?!)

Hi everyone!

I’m back again with another blog! It’s hard to believe a month has already passed since the last one. Despite doing these monthly, I honestly can’t believe it’s been 1 month already. It’s October, for crying out loud!


Those of you in Japan probably won’t believe this one, especially my friends down south, but winter seemed to really hit Vancouver last month. We’re already going down to the single digits at night, and by the time you read this, I’m sure it will be single digits for the daytime highs as well! It’s sickening, isn’t it!?

But it’s motivation to cook, which is never a bad thing. And, if there’s one thing western culture and English loves, it’s phrases related to cooking! Everyone knows that cold weather is a great time to cook, so you can probably see by now why I’m not completely crushed that winter is coming.


Anyway, here’s one of my favourite food-related phrases. In fact, you’ll see the connection here with my other blogs looking at diversity.

Variety is the spice of life.

As any good chef knows, spices are what make cooking. Of course, fresh, simple ingredients are essential. But, without even simple spices like salt and pepper, you just can’t make a good dish! So, this phrasing is describing variety. That’s just another word for diversity, really. The phrase describes variety as the spice of life. As I just mentioned, spice is what makes cooking great, so this phrase is describing an essential part of society: diversity and variety around us make life better!


I teach private lessons over Skype on Fruitful English, and invariably, the problem of Japan’s aging population comes up. I ask students about it, and they always cite Japan’s declining birth rate. Then, they always ask how Canada has avoided the situation. Amusingly, they’re all surprised to find that Canada also has a similar birth rate to Japan. ‘So how does Canada avoid an aging population?’ they ask.

Well, it’s simple: variety is the spice of life!

The only thing keeping Canada from suffering the same problems as Japan, or at least not suffering them to the same extent, is variety. In the context of a nation, diversity means immigration. While our domestic birth rate has stagnated, Canada is well known for being open to immigration, which keeps our population stable and diverse!

That not only leads to a healthy nation, but lots of good restaurants around ;).

Wow, I was all over the place in this one, but next time, I’ll pick up teaching you some of my favourite English phrases, especially those related to making the world a spicier place! Stay warm and safe until then!


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