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If you’re like me, you’re spending way more time than usual inside, and depending on your personality, that’s either good or bad! Some people don’t mind being inside, while others prefer the great outdoors.

As for me, I probably fit somewhere in the middle! As a self professed nerd who is looking forward to starting a new technology and IT related course on Fruitful English, I’m perfectly happy to settle myself down in a comfortable seat, flip on my trusty laptop, and fire up my big monitor for either pleasure or work.

That being said, I love being outside. My absolute passion is surfing, for a myriad of reasons. It’s not just good exercise. Instead, it has shown me how I want to live my life, and introduced me to some of the most important things in my life, including the love of my life and a place to call home. Unfortunately though, the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak has meant much, much, much more time away from those parts of my life.

So, I’ve been spending a lot more time in front of my trusty computer! And, that means I’ve been spending a ton of time listening to music as well. Ironically, despite not being able to go outside and surf, I still find that I don’t have enough time to study, or do anything other than work nowadays! But, thanks to the power of music, I’ve been combining some of my passions together, and fitting them all into my busy stay-at-home lifestyle!

So, without the preamble, here’s what inspired this little blog post:


This little track has been on my Spotify playlist for quite a while, but I’ve finally been giving it the attention it deserves by learning the lyrics! For those who already love English, you’re probably thinking, ‘About time Nic-sensei!’ For me though, learning a Japanese song has been quite an eyeopener, for more than a few reasons. First, I didn’t realise how fun it would be! Of course, it’s always fun to hum along to a song, and make up the words as you go along. But there’s just something intrinsically satisfying about learning to sing a song in a foreign language.

Personally, I think that singing, more than anything, really makes you feel like you’re fluent in a language, especially if you can understand the meaning! Not only that, but it’s like having a personal pronunciation course, that is actually interesting to listen to! If you’re tired of repeating the same old sentences that you hear in textbooks, why not get yourself some English songs that catch your ear?

As much as I would like to, it’s pretty difficult to give any blanket recommendations for music to study to. Everyone has their own taste, and if you don’t enjoy the song, it’s not going to help you learn English either! But, I always suggest the classics! Namely, The Beatles have been my favourite band for the longest time, particularly tracks from their eponymous album known colloquially as ‘The White Album’. Perhaps my favourite song of all time is below:


I would also like to suggest a little bit of Velvet Underground, since they’re always one of my favourites as well!


No matter what English music you choose though, you can’t go wrong. In fact, you could even use children’s song! With absolutely no embarrassment, I can honestly say that I’ve walked along the street, singing out loud, to this ridiculous Japanese song as well:


We’ll call that one a guilty pleasure eh!

But, it doesn’t matter what you song you choose! Just pick one, and sing along! Music is a great way to pass the time at home, and you can learn English at the same time. Get in touch and let me know some of your favourite English and Japanese songs as well! I’m always looking for new music! In the meantime? I plan on having fun! ちょっと!


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