【Priya先生の英語ブログを読もう!】ーAir travel!意外と知らないかも!?飛行機の旅用語を覚えよう!

【Priya先生の英語ブログを読もう!】ーAir travel!

Hello, Everyone.

I’m sure we have all taken flights at some point. Air travel is exciting and wonderful, isn’t it? Let’s dive into some terms unique to air travel!

First is ‘check in’. Here, we arrive at the airport and go to the airline counter. We present our passport and our ticket to the staff there. They confirm the details and give us our ‘boarding pass’. We then entrust them with our luggage.

Next, we go through ‘security check’. Here, we offload our bags and other items like watches and laptops and pass them for screening. After the screening is done, we are free to pick up our bags and items and head to our ‘boarding gate’.

On reaching the ‘boarding gate’, we wait for the ‘boarding announcement’. Passengers traveling in ‘first class’ and ‘business class’ are invited to board first. On board the flight, we settle down into our seats. Before ‘taking off’, we need to fasten our ‘seat belts’. There is an ‘inflight announcement’ that communicates the ‘safety procedures’.

Once everyone has boarded, the plane then moves back and shifts towards the ‘runway’. Once the ‘pilot’ gets clearance from ‘air traffic control’, the plane starts to roll down the runway and is airborne a short while later.

Once airborne, the flight may go through pockets of ‘turbulence’ which happens when the plane is going through rough weather in the skies.

Shortly before landing, the pilot gives us the weather update and lets the passengers know much time is remaining until the ‘landing’. Once the flight lands, we ‘disembark’ from the plane and head to the airport hall where we pick up our luggage. It’s finally time to catch a taxi or bus and head to our homes!

Here are the words we learnt and some sentences to illustrate their use:

1. ‘Check in’ : The process of presenting tickets and identification documents at the counter after entering the airport.

-‘I checked in and collected my boarding pass’.

-‘On checking in, the staff gave me an aisle seat’.


2. ‘Boarding pass’ : The piece of paper that contains flight details such as boarding time and seat number.

-‘I accidentally dropped my boarding pass’.

– ‘The staff printed out my boarding pass and handed it to me’.


3. ‘Security check’: The process of having oneself and personal items checked for safety purposes.

-‘I went through security check without any hassles’.

– ‘I stood in a queue and waited for the security check’.


4. ‘Boarding gate’: The seating area in which passengers gather waiting for the boarding announcement to enter the airplane.

-‘It took me a while to reach the boarding gate’.

-‘I bought a cup of coffee on my way to the boarding gate’.


5. ‘Boarding announcement’: The announcement informing passengers to board the airplane.

-‘I could not make out the boarding announcement clearly’.

-‘The boarding announcement was done in two languages: Japanese and English’.


6. ‘First class’: A ticket that allows one to have a luxury seat and food throughout the flight.

-‘My company sponsored my first class ticket’.

-‘I’ve never travelled in first class’.


7. ‘Business class’: A ticket similar to a first class ticket but of a slightly lower level than first class.

-‘I traveled in business class for the first time this year’.

-‘I had a great time traveling in business class from Singapore to Tokyo’.


8.’Taking off’ : The moment when the aircraft leaves the ground and ascends into the air.

-‘I settled down into my seat before taking off’.

-‘I always get scared when my flight is in the process of taking off’.


9. ‘Seat belts’. : The belt which passengers tie around their waist to keep them safe during the flight.

-‘I had some trouble fastening my seat belts’.

-‘She forgot to fasten her seat belts’.


10. ‘Inflight announcement’.  : The announcement made by the pilot informing the passengers of the progress of the flight.


-‘The inflight announcement was done in three languages’.

-‘I could not hear the inflight announcement clearly’.


11. ‘Safety procedures’ : These are procedures indicating how to act in case of an emergency.

-‘I listened to the safety procedures carefully’.

-‘One should always pay attention to safety procedures on board an aircraft’.


12. ‘Runway’. : The path on which the plane speeds up and moves down in a straight direction just before taking off.

-‘I could see the runway from the window’.

-‘The runway was long and smooth’.


13. ‘Pilot’: One who flies the airplane and holds a license for it.

-‘It took me three years to qualify as a pilot’.

-‘I would like to be a pilot in the future’.


14. ‘Air traffic control’ : The service provided by ground staff who direct planes on the ground and in theair.


-‘The pilot communicates with air traffic control regularly’.

-‘The air traffic control has to do important work’.


15. ‘Turbulence’: Shaking of the aircraft caused by the plane going through patches of rough weather.

-‘My flight went through mild turbulence’.

-‘I always get frightened when my flight goes through turbulence’.


16.’Landing’: The touch down of the plane on the runway once the destination is reached.

-‘My plane made a smooth landing’

-‘I fastened my seat belt before landing’.


17. ‘Disembark: The process of leaving the airplane and walking into the airport terminal.

-‘The passengers disembarked from the flight after a short delay’

-‘I disembarked from the flight and headed to the arrivals hall’.


Hope you enjoyed learning these terms unique to air travel!



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