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Greeting fellow netizens!

The weather is cooling down here in Japan, and the days are growing shorter. While we’re not in the throes of winter yet, even a little bit of cooling comes as quite of a shock here, after months of summer temperatures. 

If you’ve been following my blogs, I’ve been posting a little bit about the environment recently. I’d like to pick up that topic in a way this time as well and let you know what I’ve been up when I’m not working or surfing (which is admittedly not very often)!


For those who came to my Tanegashima English Boot Camp, way, way back in 2019, you may remember that I try to be a vegetarian at home. I’m not strict by any stretch of the imagination, but I personally almost never buy meat to eat at home. Don’t get me wrong: I love meat! It’s still probably my favourite food in the world, aside from cheese. I recently had all-you-can-eat barbecue during a trip to Fukuoka, and it was superlative. 



However, and this is where the environmental topic comes in, there’s no getting around the fact that eating meat is also one of the worst things we can do for the environment, let alone the ethical problems with eating animals from today’s factory farms. Studies have found that around 15% or more of ALL greenhouse gases are produced by the meat and dairy industry alone. 


The same article compares the amount of greenhouse gases produced by wheat and beef. The results are shocking:

The difference in emissions between meat and plant production is stark – to produce 1kg of wheat, 2.5kg of greenhouse gases are emitted. A single kilo of beef, meanwhile, creates 70kg of emissions. 

And while I won’t touch on it here, the obvious ethical concerns of eating meat themselves are grounds to, at the very least, try and limit your meat intake.



So, with meat out of the equation for my home diet, what am I to do!

Well, the answer is around the corner! I recently found a great opportunity to do something gardening and growing my own food. I feel like a student again. As with studying Japanese, I find that I don’t know the first thing about gardening! So, what am I trying to do now?

Well, you will have to check back next time to find out! Until then, take care and think about what you have on your plate (or in your bowl!) for your next meal. 


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