”Isn’t the weather perfect today?” お天気の話題もOK!?ここから英語の会話を始めよう!

Hi everyone, it’s Min here!


Although many people think talking about the weather is a big no no and something you should not do if you want to have a meaningful conversation with someone, it is actually quite necessary in my opinion.

It is a great conversation starter, but make sure you do not go on and on about it! I would say keep it to one or two sentences. If you are on the receiving end, try to keep your answers about the weather short too!

Another tip is to always end your sentences off with a question so it gives your listener a chance to carry on the conversation.


For example:

A: Isn’t the weather perfect today?

B. Yeah, I managed to get two loads of laundry done. Are you doing much today?

A: I was thinking of going to the movies to catch the latest Marvel movie but since the weather is good, I might head down to the beach instead. It’s been awhile since I went. You should come with!

B: Definitely! Let me know!


Even if you want to mention about the weather, it is good to add a little bit more information about how it affects or will affect you. This will help keep the conversation going and avoid any awkward silence.


Another way you could start a conversation with someone is to talk about something you share in common. If your listener is a friend or someone you know, then you will most likely know what to talk about. However, if you are meeting someone for the first time, you can either talk about the weather like how we have done so above, or talk about the weekend.

Why weekend? That is because we all love weekends! Most people plan activities like going out for a meal or going on small trips with their family and friends on the weekends, so it is definitely something that will keep a conversation going.

Do you have a foolproof conversation starter? Let me know!

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