A Little Bit of Music Can Go a Long Way

HI, everyone! It’s Tanner!

Do you enjoy listening to music?

I find myself listening to music from almost the moment that I wake up before work, to the moment after work till I fall asleep. I have noticed that finding the right music to start my day can help put me in a great mood. On the opposite side of things, finding some nice and calm music can help me relax after finishing a day’s work.

Is there any music you can think of that helps you cheer you up or relax?

Music can be a very powerful tool that can help influence a person’s mood or help curate the atmosphere of an environment.

From a young age I have found myself constantly searching for new music. After I would find a song or artist that I enjoyed, I would do some research about the artist on the internet to find out more information about them. I enjoy finding out what cities or countries musicians come from and what other artists are related to them through playing music. Once I would find an artist I would enjoy, it would generally lead me to finding out about 3 other artists that I would enjoy in the future.

As I got a little bit older my music research obsession has shifted into collecting vinyl LP records. I enjoy going to record stores in the different cities I travel to, and exploring the records that each store has to offer. Collecting and buying records has helped grow my knowledge about the many different genres and styles of music.

Do you enjoy researching about music or artists that you have not heard yet?

If you get as excited as I do about finding a new song or musician that you enjoy, I would recommend starting to visit different music stores while you are traveling. It is a great hobby that leaves you feeling happy after finding some great new music.




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Hello! My name is Tanner and I am an American expat currently living in Japan. I really enjoy surfing, skateboarding, art, playing guitar, making music, collecting records, traveling, hiking, camping, and many other things.