Often Confused Words… Accept?or Except?もうこれで間違わない!

Often Confused Words... Accept?or Except?もうこれで間違わない!

Hi everyone,

This time let us take a look at some easily and often confused words…


間違いやすい英単語のペアー①Accept and Except

Accept means:

1. “to hold something as true,”

2. “to receive something willingly,”

3. “to answer yes”

For example:

  • I accept he may have been tired, but he should be more polite.
  • I accept her behavior, I’m not sure whether she accepts mine.
  • The queen has accepted your invitation.

Except means: 

1. “apart from,” “excluding”. For example: In this world nothing is free, except the air we breathe.

2. “but,” “if not the fact that”. For example: I always answer the phone, except when I don’t want to.

3. “to exclude”. For example: They are excepted from the general rule.


間違いやすい英単語のペアー②Affect and Effect

Affect means to impact on, to transform, or to change. For example: Did the cold affect you? Do not use low-fat milk. It will affect the taste.

Effect means result, consequence, or appearance. For example: What effect did your sickness have? That is a nice effect.


間違いやすい英単語のペアー③Drank and Drunk

“Drank” is the past tense of “to drink.” For example: I drank my coffee too quickly.

“Drunk” is the past participle of “to drink” ( the version that follows “had,” “has,” or “have”). For example: I have drunk too much.

A “drunk” is a person who drinks too much or is an alcoholic. For example: She is a drunk.

“Drunk” can be an adjective, which means intoxicated. For example: The drunk man was not as handsome as he thought.


間違いやすい英単語のペアー④Fewer and Less

Use “less” when referring to a single thing. For example: less homework; less milk; less speed.

Use “fewer” when referring to more than one item. For example: fewer words; fewer pieces of apple; fewer people.


間違いやすい英単語のペアー⑤See, Look, and Watch

“To see” means to discern with the eyes. For example: I see you. According to Jack, Paula sees the world in black and white.

“To look” means to utilize the power to see. For example: Look at the stars. I will look for you on the internet.

“To watch” means to concentrate on something you are seeing (usually something that is moving). For example: Watch the TV.  She watched the fish. He watched the girl walk over from the bar.


I hope some of these guides were of use to you, and we can go over some more in the next blog.


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