Make your English happier with these 2 phrases!

Hello Internet! It’s your friendly neighbourhood instructor Nic-sensei back with another fun bit of English learning. I think it’s time to celebrate for many reasons! First off, the world is finally getting back to normal, which is a relief for everyone.

While it’s still a shame that some places are slower than others, I believe in humanity and that we can all bring each other out of the pandemic and enjoy our lives again: science and the amazing people who have worked to bring us viable vaccines deserves recognition.

Also, it’s finally great to see the recognition of diversity around us. It’s taken a long time, but gradually, equality and fairness is winning out around us. If you know of any discrimination in your area of Japan, please do something to stop it!

We are all worthy of the same treatment, regardless of race, gender, religion or anything else at all!

But, before I digress too much, I have to remember that this is an English blog after all! You’re probably here because you want to learn at least a little bit of English, right? That’s right!

Well, since you can tell I’m in a summery, positive mood, let’s have some positive phrases to show happiness, shall we? Let’s start off celestially!

To be over the moon about/with

A great adjective phrase, using the be verb, to describe being happy. For example,

I am over the moon with how the blog turned out.

This means I’m very happy with the results of the blog, or the final result of the blog. Don’t forget that super, super common phrasing of turn out as well. It refers to the final result of a situation, and is used ubiquitously in English.

For example,

The meeting turned out to be a success. I’m really glad we invited Nic ;).

This is a very positive and casual way to describe the meeting being successful.

But, the positive phrases don’t end there. Since blogs are limited in space, I’ve only got room for 1 more.

To be tickled pink at/with

An oldy but goodie. (Check my Misconception courses on Fruitful English for the meaning of oldie but goodie!) This is another phrase used with the be verb to describe being pleased or happy about something.

For example,

Shawn was tickled pink at the client’s response.

Simple! The client gave a response to Shawn, and the response was a good one, because it made Shawn happy!

Unfortunately, that’s all I have time for this time, but check back next month to see what’s on my mind! There will always be something related to English, in addition to those crazy musings in my mind! Bye Internet!


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