This past year I have gotten back into surfing. 

Growing up in Southern California in America I was lucky enough to surf very often during my early teenage years.
When I was younger I loved to surf and spend as much time at the beach as I possibly could.


For some reason when I was around 17 years old I stopped surfing all together.
I think I just found other hobbies that had interested me more.
I am happy that I decided to try it again.
I truly forgot how much fun it can be, and how good it feels to be out in the ocean.

Rekindling my love for surfing in Japan has been a very positive experience.
All the surfers that I meet have been very nice and generous people.
It seems like there is a very strong surf community and scene in Japan where people stick together.
It is nice to see because it reminds me of my hometown.

I realized that surfing is not only very fun but also it is great exercise!
Paddling out in the water on the surfboard is very much work.
I can feel myself already getting more comfortable and less tired from paddling which is good.

Have you ever tried surfing?
Would you like to?
Do you enjoy spending time at the beach?

I highly recommend it to anyone that enjoys spending time in the ocean.
It is a very relaxing feeling and once you get the hang of surfing you will never want to stop! haha.


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Hello! My name is Tanner and I am an American expat currently living in Japan. I really enjoy surfing, skateboarding, art, playing guitar, making music, collecting records, traveling, hiking, camping, and many other things.