What do you do on your commute?


That is something I have been interested to know because

I struggle to find something to do on the train, now that I am

an “adult”.


When I was at school, I used to take the train every day.

It was about a 30 minute ride and it always went by so quick

because I would be reading lecture materials at the last minute

or studying for a test.


But now that I have graduated, I can’t seem to find something

consistent that I could do on my one hour commute to work.


Although I have been told that reading is a great way to pass

time and possibly gain some knowledge (depending on what

you are reading of course), I tend to get motion sickness if I

read or use my phone for a long period of time.


So those two options are out.

That is why I usually only listen to music and podcasts, or just

use the time to take a nap. Interestingly, I have never missed

my stop before. I hope I haven’t just jinxed myself!


Back to the topic of keeping myself occupied on my commute.

There are a few, I would say unique, “activities” that I have seen

others do. There was this lady who got on the train with me and

when she got on, she immediately took out her knitting needles

and yarn and started knitting a scarf. She finished the scarf just

before she was about to get off the train. I was pretty amazed at

how quick she was.


Then there was this other time when I saw a guy having two pizzas

within 30 minutes. I don’t know if I should be more surprised by the

fact that he had two whole pizzas or that he finished it so quickly.

But it’s got me wondering…

Why did he have two pizzas? Has he always been a big eater?

Why did he have to eat on the train? Is he a very busy person

and could only afford to eat on the go?


Now that I think about it, people watching might be a fun way to

pass time on the train too! Is there something unique or fun you

guys do on your commute to work or play? I would love to know!


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Hi, I am Min and I live in Melbourne, Australia. I am a freelance translator and during my time off, I like to run, swim and do crafts.