Improve your life by trying something new!

Hi, everyone! It’s Nic.

Wow, it’s November already! It’s amazing how fast time flies. I know it’s clichéd and overused, but that’s probably for a reason. It’s true!

I live a fairly nomadic life, but there are 2 constants in my life: surfing and Japan. For the past 5 years, I’ve done a surf trip with friends from Shizuoka during the Obon vacation. Previously, we had gone to Miyazaki.

If you’re familiar with me though, you probably know that I discovered the island of Tanegashima at the end of last year. While I wouldn’t say it’s been life changing, it’s definitely been great, and lead to some of the times of my life!

So, when it came time to plan the surf trip for this year, I told my friends to forget about Miyazaki! Well, that’s not completely true! Miyazaki is still a great place, and I definitely intend to return there and surf again at some point. However, it doesn’t hold a candle to Tanegashima!

This year turned out a little bit different then. Ironically, it was my Japanese friends who were visiting me, somewhere in Japan! I arrived home on Tanegashima a week before Obon. So, by the time they arrived, I had already settled down and had everything organised for them. In addition, since I’d already spent a couple months there the year before, I was already well acquainted with the island. Can you imagine that? A Canadian guy playing tour guide for Japanese people, on a rural Japanese island! Well, that’s what it was like. Everywhere we went, I would introduce my visiting friends from Shizuoka to my local friends on Tanegashima!

It was such a strange feeling, but as always, I’m constantly impressed by the friendliness of Japanese people. Although Japanese tend to have a reputation of being difficult to befriend, and slightly closed, I’ve definitely found the opposite in the surfer community. Nothing brings people together than a shared passion of the ocean. Just take a look at my picture. I had only known those 2 characters for a few weeks before that picture was taken. By the end of the 1 month we spent together however, we were like family! My friends were equally impressed with Tanegashima, and I’m sure they’ll be back as well.

I’ll leave with a quote and a song!

Oh I do believe

You are what you perceive

What comes is better that what came before

Lyrics from ‘I Found a Reason’ by The Velvet Underground

Don’t be afraid to try new things. Keep an open mind, and see something you’ve never seen before. It can change your life!


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日本の小中学校で英語を教えるALT講師Nic先生は非常にユーモラスな先生です。台湾でも英語を教えていました。どこでも適応できるのがNic先生が自慢ができること。「肉先生」と読んで欲しいとたまに呼びかけられるかもしれません。こんなコミカルで愉快なNic先生から楽しく英語指導を受けませんか? 座右の名"The grand essentials to happiness in this life are something to do, something to love and something to hope for."