[4-minute read] It’s the time of the season for studying!

It’s the time of the season for loving studying!

Everyone knows that one of the most important things when learning is your attitude or point of view. It’s well known that students who are engaged and interested when learning are more likely to retain what they learn.

You can use this to your advantage when studying! No matter what time of year it is, think about what you love to do, or your favourite location.

Perhaps you love winter, and your favourite thing to do is to sit down under the kotatsu, and keep warm with a cup of tea.

Or, you might be a summer person like me! In that case, you might enjoy going to a café around your house, and sitting down where it’s cool to watch people go about their day. Or, you might even like sitting outside in the shade in a park.

Wherever and whenever you feel comfortable, that’s the ideal time to study English! If you want to do something and be productive, it’s imperative that you find a comfortable position, where you are happy and can focus.

For me, I find the best place to study is somewhere quiet, and private. It doesn’t matter if there are distractions, as long as I find a place where no one can see me! Therefore, I love studying at home in my favourite chair by the window. I’ll read a bit of a textbook, try some practice questions and reading aloud by myself, but then I’ll take a break and look out at nature, and enjoy something else. These quick refreshers keep me motivated to learn!

It’s only a matter of time before your perception of English will change. By the way, do you know the phrase to be only a matter of time. It means something is inevitable, or will happen eventually. For example,

            It’s only a matter of time until he arrives.

So, the sentence it’s only a matter of time before your perception of English will change means that it’s inevitable, or your perception of English will definitely change in the future, if you follow my tips.

This type of psychology training will make your brain connect the feelings of being in a comfortable place with the act of learning English, which will help you retain English quicker, and learn faster!

This is a simple study-hack, but one that I hope you will use yourself!

So, let’s review again so that you can better understand the steps to take to improve your English learning habits.

  1. Identify your ideal places, or where you feel most comfortable and happy, regardless of the season.

I gave a summer example already, of sitting in front of my window at home. I feel comfortable at home, and I also have the chance to look out at nature whenever I need a quick break from studying, which helps me relax and keep focused, without getting tired.

  1. Incorporate English studying into this situation!

So, wherever you enjoy yourself, try studying English there! It might just help you out! You’ll retain information more, and most importantly, have more fun when you’re studying! What do you have to lose?? Bye for now and enjoy your happy place with English!

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日本の小中学校で英語を教えるALT講師Nic先生は非常にユーモラスな先生です。台湾でも英語を教えていました。どこでも適応できるのがNic先生が自慢ができること。「肉先生」と読んで欲しいとたまに呼びかけられるかもしれません。こんなコミカルで愉快なNic先生から楽しく英語指導を受けませんか? 座右の名"The grand essentials to happiness in this life are something to do, something to love and something to hope for."