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Ever had a head-scratching moment when you see sentences like this?

I’m omw, ttyl! (I’m on my way, talk to you later!)


anw, that dress is horrendous imo (Anyway, that dress is horrendous in my opinion)

They are a little bit different to abbreviations in that each letter is taken from the first letter of a word or phrase. Abbreviations on the other hand is a shortened version of a word.



I srsly think you should go to the dance with Peter.

“Seriously” here is shortened to speed things up when typing. Of course this can only be done over text or in informal situations.

An abbreviation that can be used in formal situations is as follows:


The weight of the baby is approx. 3kg.

Abbreviations can be used in writing as well, but unlike srsly, “formal” abbreviations are shortened in such a way that the original spelling is still there but the word is halved or sectioned off. Conversely, abbreviations in informal settings can be shortened in any way a person fancies.

Anyway, back to ACRONYMS!

SNSでよく使われる略語!Commonly used acronyms in social media

brb: be right back

imo: in my opinion

fb: Facebook

ig: Instagram

irl: in real life

ikr: I know right

tbh: to be honest


フォーマルに使える英語の略語!Acronyms in more formal situations

You’ve got the well-known ones like:

NBA (National Basketball Association)

NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)

FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation)

tbh, these acronyms are so popular and widely-used that most people don’t know what each word stands for (I actually had to google them too oops).

The above examples are usually names of organizations that we hardly ever use in our day-to-day lives. On the other hand, commonly used acronyms will also depend on what field you’re in. Because someone in business or finance may talk about ROIs (Return on Investments) and COGS (Cost of Good Sold) but these may not mean anything to someone in science for instance.

日常生活で使える英語の略語!Acronyms that are a little more helpful in our daily lives

ASAP: as soon as possible

Ts & Cs: terms and conditions

DOB: date of birth

ETA: estimated time of arrival

FAQ: frequently asked questions

FYI: for your information

RSVP: retournez s’il vous plait (this is derived from French but simply means “please reply”, usually to an invitation)

At the end of the day, the key to using acronyms is to make sure your reader or listener knows what you’re talking about. If they don’t know what you’re referring to, then it doesn’t really mean much.

ttyl guys!

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