Starting a Diet!

Starting a Diet

Ok!! It’s official!! I have to go on a diet!!


Why? Well.. .. .. , I guess I am FAT!!


There!! I said it!!

People around me don’t say it in those exact words!

They’re much more polite!!


They go with: “well-rounded,” “pretty and plump,” “a little chunky,”

and oh.. .. .. the one I like most is “you’re not THAT big!”


Oh well!!!

No matter what words are used to describe ‘me,’ I can’t get around the fact

that I am NOT skinny!!



I knew I needed to diet, but it’s NO FUN!!

I was having a hard time getting started when my doctor gave me a friendly push!!


His words when I went to see him the other day were:


When he followed with;


I was ready to go!!


Over the next 2 months, a couple of kilos have got to go!!



Now, when my friends (and family) are enjoying sweets, snacks,

and basically any kind of “extra food,”


I’ve gotta go with:


Japanese: ごめん! ダイエット中!

English:   Sorry! I’m on a diet!


Japanese: 甘いもの控えてるんです!

English:   I’m cutting back on sugar!



I then tell myself 我慢! 我慢!

You can do this!!


SO………I am really watching those calories!!


I also ordered myself a ‘walking’ DVD!!

(no heavy exercise for medical reasons)


I’ve gotta get this body moving!!



I know there has got to be someone out there just waiting to

Learn ‘DIET’ words in English!! HaHa!!


Maybe you can pick up some new English from my “diet story”!!


If you are dieting, too,







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Hi! My name is Beth !! I  have lived in Japan for a really long time!! I am fluent in both English and Japanese, but with age (hahaha) am finding myself sometimes digging for words in both languages !!  I love anything that is not housework!! Teaching (helping others learn) is my favorite activity!?! I hope to make many new friends !! Feel free to drop me a “howdy! 座右の銘は、"God first! People next! Everything else after that!"