Boring? Bored? どっちを使う? 意味まったくちがいます!注意して!

Boring? Bored? どっちを使う? 意味まったくちがいます!注意して!

Hi guys!

This is Beth with another set of words we need to be careful using!  I see these words used incorrectly all the time, so thought I would try to help!  間違って使うと恥ずかしいかも。あなたは正しく使ていますか?

厄介なpairは ”boring” and “bored”!

よく目にする英文: “I am boring.”  や ”This concert is bored.”

日本語にすると、”私は退屈な人です。” and ”コンサートが退屈している。”

This could be embarrassing!  Just take a few minutes to memorize the difference!  Or, check your dictionary VERY carefully!

どうして間違えてしまうのでしょうか? おそらく、boring もbored も”退屈”で覚えてしまっているのでは? 両方adjective(形容詞)であることも関係しているかもですね。和英の辞書を引いても注意しないと間違った方を選んでしまいます。



When something or someone is “no fun,” we use “boring”!

Hint:  …ing shows action!  We are doing something!  We are NOT something!



We use “bored” when someone feels “no fun”!

Hint:  …ed shows “past” or  “already.”  We are not doing anything, but already feel this way!

Good Examples!

This game is extremely boring!  I am bored playing it!

The students look bored!  Maybe the teacher’s story is boring!

***What do you think?  Can you choose the correct one now?  I hope you are not bored reading this piece!  The topic isn’t too boring, is it?

Good luck!


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Hi! My name is Beth !! I  have lived in Japan for a really long time!! I am fluent in both English and Japanese, but with age (hahaha) am finding myself sometimes digging for words in both languages !!  I love anything that is not housework!! Teaching (helping others learn) is my favorite activity!?! I hope to make many new friends !! Feel free to drop me a “howdy! 座右の銘は、"God first! People next! Everything else after that!"