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Hi everyone, I’m Tanner. Earlier this month I went to a large outdoor music festival in Shizuoka called Asagiri Jam. This was my first time attending a live music event or concert since being in Japan and it was a great experience. My friend invited me to go with him to the music festival a few months back and I am very glad I had committed to going.

The music festival took place at the “Asagiri Arena” which sits at the base of Mt. Fuji. Asagiri Jam is a two day festival in which both Japanese bands and other bands from all over the world take part in. The style of bands and musicians that played the festival was very diverse, ranging from jazz, hip hop, electronic, and rock music. Attendees were able to camp on the grounds of the Asagiri Arena over the two days of the festival so there were many people enjoying the live music and camping.

The festival consisted of two large stages that were spread apart from one another over the large ground of the Asagiri Arena. Musicians would be playing music on both stages throughout the day at the same time so it made it fun to walk back and forth from stage to stage to see  the different styles of live music being played. During the first day it unfortunately rained pretty heavily but it did not stop the people that were attending the festival from having a great time.

Since this was my first time seeing live music or attending a musical festival in Japan, I really enjoyed how well the festival was run, and how convenient it was to get food or refreshments. I also enjoyed seeing so many families with younger children that were out camping and enjoying the music festival. It was a really friendly and welcoming environment. By the time the festival was coming to a close, it was very hard to leave because we were having such a great time meeting new friends and enjoying the live music.

Do you enjoy live music?

Have you ever attended a live music festival?

Would you like to?

I would highly recommend this annual camping and music festival to anyone that has any interest in either of those two things. I would easily say that this weekend was one of the best experiences I have had since being in Japan. Camping at the base of Mt. Fuji while spending the day watching amazing musicians perform was an amazing experience.




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