My dilemma!! Details are important!! …asking for them-details, not dilemmas- in English!!

Hi, guys (this includes all you lady readers, too)!!

This is Beth, here to remind you how important details are!

I found this out the hard way!

First, let me get your opinion…!
Do you think of something big, or little when you hear the word 水路?

In English, “a small gutter” & “a waterway” are 2 VERY different things!  In Japanese, too, 溝 & 水路 are 全然違う!

Here’s my story…..


SO, I found out recently that the waterway in front of my house is my (family’s) responsibility!!

My first (and somewhat continuing) reaction:


No way!!


This is not just a little gutter… is a waterway!!  It is at least 2 meters deep and 1 meter wide。。。

Would you get down into something that size to clean it?

Not that much water flows through, but there are SPIDERs and BUGs!!

When we bought the house, the real estate agent nonchalantly said: ご心配なく!



A word of advice here:  ALWAYS ask for the details!

As you can probably guess, we did NOT get all of the “important” information!

Six months later, we found ourselves stuck with the responsibility of cleaning this 水路!

It seems every house owner cleans whatever is in front of his/her home!

By the way, here is a picture of the little gutters most of our neighbors get to sweep the dirt out of!!


Long story short, we hired some guys to clean it for us…..what you are seeing is the clean version!

It cost us a little, but HEY, it’s ピカピカ/?  AND the 町内会 is happy!

I believe: “Getting along is what’s important”!




***When you are not sure about something, here are a few tips to help you ask for  the necessary information:

*I’m sorry, but could you clear this up for me?

*Could I get more info on this?

*I would like to see this in writing!

*This doesn’t sound/look right!  Could you double check it for me?


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