Rodd先生の英語ブログで英語の比喩を学ぼう!Metaphors – saying something that is not – Part 2

Hello everyone,

This is a part two on metaphors – the art of saying something that it definitely is not or saying something in a non-literal way.  For part one, you can visit this link here:

Rodd先生の英語ブログで英語の比喩を学ぼう!”Metaphors – saying something that is not!” | Fruitful Englishのおいしいブログ~英語の学び

Remember, metaphors are used very commonly, day-in, day-out in casual, business or other types of English. They are usually a statement that says one thing is another thing that it definitely is not. They are also often made up by using a word or expression said in its non-literal sense or way. They are used to help depict or explain something by comparing it to something else.


Below, A), and B) show examples of the two main types of metaphors:

A) A statement that says one thing is another thing that it definitely is not.

B) A word or expression said in its non-literal sense or way. 



For example:

“Her eyes were diamonds”

As we all know, diamonds sparkle and shine, so we compare two things (her eyes, and diamonds) that have no obvious connection to make a powerful point that her eyes really sparkle and shine.

Here are a few more examples:

Max is an early bird.

Max is not literally an early bird, but he likes to get up early – like the birds do.

She has ants in her pants!

She does not actually have ants in her pants, but she cannot sit still and keeps moving around like she has ants in her pants.

She is the light in my life.

She is not actually a light, but she brightens up my life and makes me happy, as life can be dark sometimes.

I have been talking to a brick wall!

You have not literally been talking to a brick wall, but the person you have been talking to will not listen – just like a brick wall.

He ain’t nothing but a hound dog, crying all the time! (Elvis Presley).

He is not literally a hound dog, but he does cry/wail a lot like a hound dog.

She is just blowing off steam.

She doesn’t actually have steam coming out of her like boiling water under pressure, but she is letting out stress/pressure by acting the way she is.

That is music to my ears! 

What was just said is not actually music, but it sure sounds good – just like music does.


I hope you get some use out of these in the future.

You can try making your own metaphors, or search for some on the internet if you like. This will certainly spice up your writing! (Your writing won’t actually be spicy, but it will be more exciting, like spice makes food more exciting).



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