Out in the Sticks

Have you ever heard the expression “out in the sticks”?

That is where I have come to for a few days. It means in the middle of nowhere, or far from civilisation.  My family have a small Durian plantation and small farm down in the bush(jungle) in Chantaburi province in south eastern Thailand.  For me, to get away from it all for a few days and reset the body clock while eating country style foods and herbs etc is one of my great pleasures in life. However it is not just the destination, but the getting there which is the fun part.

First we have to get on a motorbike taxi and that takes us to a place where vans stop.  We pay about 300 yen and travel south in a heave van for about two and a half hours.


Next we jump on the back of a truck and head out into the bush.

When we arrive, we get picked up on a motorcycle with a sidecar by my nephew. Finally after traveling on a dirt road that is full of pot holes we arrive at the farm.  My niece has the cooking fire going and there is plenty of wildlife around to look at.  Pigs, squirrels, huge colourful geckos, rare fishing cats and they even have wild elephants come through from time to time.

There is no internet out here, but there is phone reception, so I can work… right back to my office out in the sticks!



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