A bit of English and happiness!

A bit of English and happiness!

Hi everyone!

There’s nothing like a good story to lift one’s spirits: a good pick me up!


First off, have you heard any of these phrases?

Let’s begin with there’s nothing like (something). We normally use this phrase to emphasise something that’s useful or effective at something.

For example,

There’s nothing like a cold beer on a hot day to refresh yourself.

This sentences means that a cold beer is one of the most useful or effective ways to refresh yourself on a hot day!

Another great phrase in our first line was lift one’s spirits. We use this phrase to refer to something that makes us feel good.

For example,

In times of trouble, a good story can lift one’s spirits.

I hope the meaning is easy to see here! In this case, a good story can make us feel good in times of trouble or sadness. And last but not least, a pick me up is something that makes you feel energetic and happy.

For example,

I need a pick me up after the difficult exam. 


So, in the hopes of lifting everyone’s spirits, I’ll offer a short story here as a pick me up!

We join our 2 heroes, Nathan and Kristen, in their apartment. They’ve just finished dinner and are wondering what to do next. The sun has already set, and from their view on the 12th floor of their building, a dense darkness has blanketed the surrounding city. However, occasional flashes of light between the buildings through the window remind them that there are still cars flitting back and forth out there, enjoying the empty streets and temporary retirement of the rush hour traffic.

In fact, it’s those very flashes of light that gives Kristen a flash of brilliance. She shouts out suddenly, ‘A game! That’s what we shall play to burn the midnight oil!’

Nathan, scared out of his reverie and staring out the window, replies, ‘I second that, but what are we going to play?’

Kristen screws up her fast in concentration, and posits ‘A game of chance, but not just any game of chance. Whenever either of us gets the chance to make the other smile, we have to take it, regardless of how embarrassing or difficult it may be.’

A sly grin splits Nathan’s face. ‘You’re on,’ he challenges, ‘to the victor go the spoils!’

Nathan’s eyes wander to the table in front of them. The remains of their meal, vegan burgers, lay scattered around them, thrown clear in the environmentally-friendly feast they have just enjoyed. Without a second thought, he begins gathering the dishes and washing them vigorously in the sink. He knows that one thing that Kristen can’t stand is a messy apartment. In addition, the second thing she can’t stand is an ungrateful dinner guest.

The well-meaning gesture brings a smile to Kristen’s face, and gives the first point in this game of chance to Nathan.

‘You know what,’ Kristen begins slowly, ‘I think I’m really going to like this game. Not only that, but I think the world would be a much better place if this wasn’t just a game.’

And with that suggestion, both Nathan and Kristen begin to formulate a way to spread this message of happiness around the world. But how?

‘Well, it’s easy,’ Nathan suddenly blurted out, ‘we can just learn English from Nic-sensei! English is spoken around the world!’


So, do you have your own message that you want to share with the world?

Then why not share it in a language that everyone speaks: English. I speak your language, and I’d be glad to teach you mine, so why not come and learn with me!

Or, just follow and enjoy my message of happiness today!


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日本の小中学校で英語を教えるALT講師Nic先生は非常にユーモラスな先生です。台湾でも英語を教えていました。どこでも適応できるのがNic先生が自慢ができること。「肉先生」と読んで欲しいとたまに呼びかけられるかもしれません。こんなコミカルで愉快なNic先生から楽しく英語指導を受けませんか? 座右の名"The grand essentials to happiness in this life are something to do, something to love and something to hope for."