Is human history going to be rewritten?

Hi everyone!

I’ve been recently interested in some theories of how the earliest known complex human civilization we’ve assumed for years might actually not be the first time humans have advanced culturally and technologically to a significant level.

Until now, academia have been strongly defending the view that Ancient Egypt is undoubtedly the earliest formation of a complex civilization, but arguments against this theory have been appearing for few decades now, and have intensified recently.

While there are a number of scientists around the world who have been questioning some accepted truths, such as the age or original purpose of the Great Pyramid of Giza and the Sphinx, there are few notable names that have been passionately studying this field and presenting their findings to the general public via various media.

One of them is Graham Hancock, a British writer and journalist, recently gaining popularity thanks to his frequent appearances in especially online media, such as YouTube video podcasts, often on channels with several million audiences. During those, you can also see him confronting various academic teachers and winning the argument with solid facts.

But what is it really about?

In short, he represents the idea that an advanced human civilization must have developed and existed on Earth long before even Early Dynastic Period (around 3000 BC). How long before? A growing number of observations imply such a civilization was at its peak around 12,000 years ago, when it suddenly ceased to exist due to some catastrophic event on a global scale. And here the most probable scenario is a comet hitting Earth.

This theory has been gaining even more momentum with the recent NASA’s discovery of a massive crater under Greenland’s ice sheet.

As for the supposed human activity on advanced  levels, the main evidence would be various archaeological sites around the world which often reveals megalithic structures or centers of complex societies. This of course is often backed by some scientific data.

Some of the more important points are the discovery of Gobekli Tepe in Turkey (buried underground, now partially uncovered but believed to be of a massive size,  also way older than pyramids in Egypt), the significant difference in size, internal structure, and durability between the Great Pyramid of Giza and the neighboring ones (believed to be constructed in different eras with the use of different technologies), some very strong similarities between the monuments of different and distant cultures around the globe that had formed long before humans started crossing the oceans, and the list goes on.

One of the proposed theories is that an advanced civilization with a global reach had existed simultaneously with more primitive tribes, such as those we can still witness in places like the Amazon rainforest, and that at some point the members of the advanced civilization had tried to pass some basics of their knowledge and technologies to those undeveloped cultures in several locations around the world.

They would be doing it in an attempt to preserve their legacy in case of a global disaster, which they might have seen coming. And the assumption would be that if anything, primitive tribes would be those able to survive in the post-catastrophic world.

I can imagine this may sound to many like a pure sci-fi, but if you would be more interested in the current discussion on this topic and want to explore more about it, you would soon find that this is steadily becoming a very probable scenario, especially the occurrence of the mentioned cataclysm.

Are we going to see such a significant revision of a part of our history. Many say “yes”, and as new evidence keeps surfacing, it may be inevitable. It would also finally open doors for so many already existing hypotheses and their further studies, for years relentlessly blocked.



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