Hello everyone! This is Priya. I hope you are all doing well. Today, I’d like to talk about my trip to London. My elder sister lives in London so I went there and stayed for two months.

London is such a brilliant city! It has world-class museums, plays, parks, architecture, restaurants and on and on. I could go on all day about the merits of London! They say you can never feel bored in London as there is always something new to explore. I completely agree with that point of view.

Of course, one of the loveliest views in London is that of the river Thames. It is serene and beautiful. My sister lives in a neighborhood of London called Richmond-upon-Thames and the river is a short five-minute walk from her house. Many people sit by the river and soak up the sun on days when the weather is warm. It’s nice to see people enjoy themselves.

I did some shopping in London too. My purse had become tattered so I bought a dark green purse which I liked and which caught my fancy. I also bought a pair of shoes and a couple of outfits. Having said that, things are so expensive in London! The cost of living is super high.

One restaurant that I really liked in London was Nando’s. Their burgers were so yummy that I ended up going there three times during my stay in London. They also had an all-you-can-drink option so I ended up having more Coca-Cola than I should have!

I really enjoyed visiting Trafalgar Square in London. It is a lovely spot famous with tourists. The square contains a fountain and is flanked by museums such as the National Portrait Gallery. Leicester Square is another spot I liked.

One Friday, I went to watch a musical called Kinky Boots at West End. It was a heartwarming musical and told the story of a young man who must carry on the family business of manufacturing boots after the death of his father. After the musical, I went to London’s Chinatown and had some delicious Chinese food.

When talking of going to places, you can write:

1. “I visited (name of place).” For eg: “I visited New York last year” or “She visited her client’s office” or “I visited the nearby park.”

2. You can also wrote: “I paid a visit to (name of place).” For eg: “I paid a visit to the local library” or “I paid a visit to the hospital to see if my cousin was doing okay” or “She paid a visit to her in-laws’ place.”

3. You can also write “went on a trip to (name of place).” For eg: “I went on a trip to Paris last week” or “She went on a trip to Hawaii last month” or “He went on a trip to Mauritius during the summer break”.


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