【Nic先生の英語ブログを読もう!】Learning English phrases #1 – Diversity

【Nic先生の英語ブログを読もう!】Learning English phrases #1 - Diversity

Hello everyone out there, and when I mean everyone, I mean everyone.

It’s an absolute pleasure to be communicating with people from around the world in English. While I’m part of Fruitful English, which of course helps students mostly from Japan with learning English, it’s amazing that this blog can reach people around the world.

While English may not be the most-spoken language around the world anymore, it is by far the most widely spoken language in many different places. So, why not celebrate the diversity of English, and the world, by looking at some fun phrases that describe how everyone is different, and that being different is a good thing!


These mostly describe how everyone has their own unique preferences, and how everyone likes different things. Well, enough talk, let’s get to the first phrase.

Whatever floats one’s boat

This is one of my favourite phrases ever. Frankly, I don’t know the origin, but I do like the imagery. As a scientist, I know that, theoretically, everyone’s boat floats based on the same principal: the Archimedes Principle, and the force of buoyancy.

But, English is also an art that I talk about in my various courses on Fruitful English, and this phrase celebrates that everyone has a different view of the world.

Here, floats one’s boat is an idiom for makes someone happy.

For example,

Person A: I like walking more than swimming! What about you?

Person B: Personally, I like swimming more than walking, but whatever floats your boat.

Here, this use of whatever floats one’s boat is a response to someone saying their preference. That is, Person A has a different view than Person B, and we use this phrase to accept that everyone is different, but that’s ok.

Here’s another use:

Do you know what floats my boat? Watching the sunset.

As you can see, we use whatever as a set phrase. But, we can also use what in some cases to ask questions or show different meanings. I cover the use of whatever as well as using what as a pronoun or relative pronoun in my Misconception 3 Course on Fruitful English, but this is a great phrasing to show one’s perspective.



There’s tons more phrases to celebrate the diversity of people around the world. I will cover another fun phrase next month, so please stay tuned if you’re interested in hearing some great English phrases for these kinds of common topics. Please get in touch if you like them, and I might continue them.

But, for now, back to work on my Misconception 3 Course. Also, I’m finishing up my vacation here in Mexico, and I’ll soon be back teaching Skype lessons on our FruFru service!

See you all online soon!


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