Even though the camp is only a few days long, they are action packed. We have a variety of activities, and they are all focused on improving your English.

Over the 4 days, you'll have lots of opportunities to chat with Erika-sensei, Sonja-sensei, and Rina-sensei i and learn with other native English speakers. In addition, you'll be able to practice English communication with your other classmates. Of course, all while enjoying the beauty of Kakunodate!

Preparation before departure (2 months before camp)

There are a few things that you need to bring with you before coming. Remember, a more detailed list can be found in the ‘before you go’ section.

  • a. Send one interesting fact about yourself to Erika-sensei, Sonja-sensei, and Rina-sensei. Difficult to guess!
  • b. Bring something for show and tell
  • c. Bring your survival English handbook!
  • d. A positive attitude!

Day 1

You’ll arrive around lunch. So, we’ll have some food and drink ready for you, because what’s better than eating and drinking? Our English practice will begin right away though! Although you'll still be in Kakunodate, this trip will seem like a trip to an English speaking country! Don’t forget your English survival handbook!

We will have a few activities to get to know each other. This will be fun, and designed so that everyone can practice English and meet their fellow campers!

Time permitting, we may be able to have a quick walk around outside before dinner.

Dinnertime - we’ll have a delicious meal with some delicious local specialties from Akita. As with everything else though, you’ll be in an English immersion environment. Eating and learning!

In the evening, we will have time to have a quick show and tell, and see what everyone has brought from home. There may be time for a quick and fun game before heading off to bed as well!

Day 2

Day 2 starts with a casual breakfast. Once more, Erika-sensei is your waiter, so even if you're sleepy, you still need to use your English!

After breakfast, it’s time to go explore the wonders of Kakunodate. We have picked out a few spots to see that are close-by. Not only will we experience some interesting parts of Kakunodate culture, but we will also see why this town is one of the most beautiful in Japan.

Specifically, we will take a walk in the Samurai house street and learn more about the culture back then and how Samurai houses were built. If we have time, we will also visit famous shops selling miso, soy sauce, and pickles, and enjoy tasting and shop tours! Erika-sensei will prepare some questions about Japanese food that foreign tourists are likely to ask, and it will be your task to answer them in English!

Afternoon: Sightseeing at Lake Tazawa and Nyuto Onsen Village
We visit Lake Tazawa, the deepest lake in Japan, and the famous Nyuto Onsen Village, full of secluded hot springs. If you want, you can take a soak in the hot springs yourself! We also get to meet some Akita dogs.

After an action-packed day, we’ll have a delicious dinner.

Together with the local native speakers, we will enjoy kiritanpo hot pot, which is a famous Akita delicacy. After dinner, we will have some fun activities using English, and then we’re off to bed to get ready for a new, fun-filled day.

Day 3

Morning: Communication with international students
We spend a day together with the local international students. We interview them to learn more about their home countries and take part in a makizushi class, after which we enjoy lunch together!

In the afternoon, we embark on a sake brewery tour in English. American brewery staff will explain how sake is made, and after that, we get to enjoy sake tasting.

Night: Farewell dinner
We enjoy a farewell dinner comprised of local delicacies together with the local native speakers.

Day 4

The last day of the camp is for celebration. We’ll have something special for breakfast, and Erika-sensei will present some awards to the best campers.
In addition, every student will have a chance to share their favorite memory, and what they have learned from the camp.

Then, it’s back home! But don’t forget, we will be holding another camp in the future, to share another great location in Japan, and learn native English at the same time.

(Depending on length of camp, we could also include another outside activity as well on the last day)

Time Schedule

Day 1

  • Gather at the hotel for lunch.

    Erika-sensei and Sonja-sensei will pretend to be restaurant staff and will take orders from students.

  • Self-introduction activities.

    Play people-finding bingo. Students need to ask questions and find all the people from their list.

  • Check-in practice.

    Led by Erika-sensei and Sonja-sensei. Practice how to check-in at a hotel, go through important phrases.

  • Dinner at Rina’s restaurant.

    • Buffet-style
    • Attendance by foreign students (AIU)
  • Game time.

    Two truths and a lie. Guess the lie about the people in the group. Say something interesting about yourself.

    • People with requests can reach out to Rina-sensei and Naoko-sensei.
    • Those who want to continue playing games can do so.

Day 2

  • Breakfast at hotel

    Erika-sensei and Sonja-sensei correct diaries from last night

  • Samurai house town

    • Guided tour in English around the town
    • Erika, Sonja pretend they don’t know things about Japanese culture and go around asking the students to explain
    • Stores, pickle tasting
  • Lunch (decide on the place, reserve the entire place)

    Erika, Sonja pretend to be waitresses and take orders in English

  • Tazawa Lake, Akita dogs & shopping, hot spring

    • Take pictures at the designated photo spot
    • Erika, Sonja explain about the legend of the lake in English
    • Go back to the town and see Akita dogs, Erika, Sonja explain a little about them in English; buy souvenirs close to the house with dogs
    • Soak in hot spring (Tsuru no yu), free time
      ※ Erika, Sonja, Rina do QA
  • Dinner

    Kiritanpo Hotpot

  • Show&tell

Day 3

  • breakfast

  • Foreign students

    Introduction & Interview about their home countries

  • Makizushi making

    Teach them how to make makizushi (at least 3-5 people), divide into teams of 4

  • Go to sake brewery by Jambo Taxi

  • Arrive at brewery

    • The tour guide will be American and explain in English
    • Sake tasting
    • Sonja and Erika ask questions
  • Wrap up, go back

  • Special dinner by Rina

  • Show&Tell

    Sing songs by Sonja (wrap-up)

Day 4

    • Give everyone award certificates
    • Lunch (eat together with Rina)
    • Go home

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